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Detail, from Frederick de Wit Atlas.

Detail, from Frederick de Wit Atlas. Uncat. Baskes.

The Smith Center for the History of Cartography has compiled several guides and reference tools as well as links to outside resources for researchers using the Newberry's Maps, Travel, and Exploration collections. See our Maps, Travel, and Exploration details for an introduction to the Newberry's cartographic collections and for a list of guides that facilitate research at the Newberry.

Further tools for research in the history of cartography outside the Newberry can be found online at the following map collections and resources. These libraries also possess strong map collections, including digital resources:

See also the following online resources for finding cartography-related websites, organizations, and research tools:

Many digital reproductions of maps can be found online. One of the best image sites for cartographic research is the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection.