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  • The Newberry recently made a joint acquisition with Loyola University Chicago: a first edition of Alexandre de Gusmão’s Historia do Predestinado Peregrino e Seu Irmao Precito, a religious allegory bearing similarities to Pilgrim’s Progress (published four years prior) but apparently written independently of it.

  • The Bexley Seabury Seminary in Chicago has donated the Bexley Hall Rare Book Collection to the Newberry. Among the items in this distinguished collection are early Bibles and Books of Common Prayer; early printings of Erasmus; and works of theology, philosophy, and travel.

  • January 20 - April 15

    Photographing Freetowns features Helen Balfour Morrison’s poignant photographs of African American life in Depression-era Kentucky. Though Morrison is largely unknown today, she created impressive work that preserves fleeting moments even as it hints at the complex racial dynamics behind her photography.