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Items awaiting treatment in the department of conservation.

Items from the Newberry’s collection awaiting treatment in the department of conservation.

The Newberry can offer guidance on additional library-related services such as appraisals, conservation, image discovery, and topical research.


The Newberry does not offer appraisals of books, maps, or other library materials. For information on reference resources in our collections, internet resources, and a list of local appraisers, please see our guide to Appraisal Resources.


The Newberry’s Conservation Department created a guide to Conservation Resources. A list of independent Conservators is also available.

Family History Library Films

The Family History Library, located in Salt Lake City, is the main repository for most of the genealogical information collected by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. FamilySearch’s Family History Library catalog lists thousands of titles concerning genealogical records from around the world. The Newberry participates in the Family History Library’s affiliate library program. This means that registered readers at the Newberry can use FamilySearch’s online ordering system to borrow microfilms and microfiche from the Family History Library’s collection. Loans are subject to a small fee, which is assessed by FamilySearch when you place your order, and remain at the Newberry for approximately 60 days. Please email or call (312) 255-3512 with questions about the Family History Library loan program.

Image Research

The Newberry’s collections contain countless images. There is no central database or file containing Newberry images, however. In order to find images appropriate to your research, you must browse through books, manuscript collections, periodicals, sheet music, databases, and other resources.

We are unable to undertake image research on your behalf, but our guide to Image Research contains search strategies for locating images in our collections, other sources of images, and a list of independent image researchers.

Independent Scholarly and Genealogical Researchers

The Newberry welcomes reference inquiries by mail, email, and telephone. Contact a Librarian for questions about the library’s collections and resources. We regret, however, that we are unable to conduct extensive research on your behalf. Consider hiring an independent researcher for in-depth queries or genealogical research.