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Programs for Students

Image from “The Myriopticon: A Historical Panorama: The Rebellion,” issued by Milton Bradley shortly after the U.S. Civil War.

Newberry Traveling Collections

Can’t came to the Newberry? Let the research library come to you!

The Newberry is pleased to offer two new opportunities for teachers and high school students to work with original primary sources in the classroom.

The Civil War

Newberry staff will bring a traveling collection of original Civil War documents to your classroom. Highlights include illustrated copies of Harper’s Weekly, Union and Confederate letters, and The Liberator. Learn about how both mass media and personal documents shaped Americans’ understanding of the Civil War. Students will have the opportunity to engage in close reading and primary source analysis to better understand the Civil War.

World War 2

Newberry staff will bring a traveling collection of original World War II to your classroom. Highlights include propaganda posters, a newspaper from Heart Mountain internment camp, newspapers from Pearl Harbor and D-Day, and personal documents like letters and photographs. Your students will be able to interact with primary sources ranging from the war front to the home front. Whether you would like to address primary source analysis or WWII-era content in your classroom, this collection provides a unique experience for students to interact with historical documents.

This program is free for CPS schools and Big Shoulders Fund schools, and is generously funded by the Mazza Foundation.

Registration will open September 10, 2018. Register here.

Newberry Field Trips

More information coming soon!