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NCAIS Summer Institute

2018 NCAIS Summer Institute Participants

The institute is a four-week-long intensive graduate course held during the summer at The Newberry. One graduate student from each NCAIS member institution attends the institute which focuses on the interdisciplinary themes central to American Indian and Indigenous Studies. The selection process for each member institution’s participant follows the existing protocols of that institution. Students apply directly to their NCAIS Faculty Liaison.

To Apply

Each NCAIS institution is entitled to one slot in the summer institute. The selection process follows existing protocols of the member institution. Housing will be provided for free and a maximum of $500 travel expenses will be reimbursed to graduate student participants. Students apply directly to their NCAIS Faculty Liaison in the Spring.

For a list of NCAIS Summer Institutes from previous years, see the following:

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Upcoming Summer Institute

Monday, July 11, 2022Friday, August 5, 2022
NCAIS Summer Institute
Land, Water, and the Indigenous Archive: Art and Activism in the Mississippi River Network
The summer 2022 NCAIS Institute centers on long-held Indigenous relationships to land and water and on recent Indigenous art, activism, and scholarship through which Indigenous peoples are addressing issues of climate change and sovereignty. We will focus on the Mississippi river and its networks, while looking to other water networks and activism for case studies and theoretical insights.