Current Scholars-in-Residence | Newberry

Current Scholars-in-Residence

2020-21 Academic Year

Oscar Alatriste
National Autonomos University of Mexico
Historical Context and analysis of the ideas of José Vasconcelos expressed in the lectures he held at (and published by) the University of Chicago in 1926

Christopher Allison
Dominican UniversityProtestant Relics: Capturing the Sacred Body in Early America

Priscilla Archibald
Roosevelt University Symphonic America: Hemispheric Collaborations and the Politics of Transamerican Literary Exchange

Lydia Barnett
Northwestern University
The Work of Science: Gender, Labor, and Environment in Early Modern Europe

Kristin Bivens
Harold Washington College
Expositions and Exhibitions: Chicago’s Involvement with Early Healthcare Technology for Premature Infants

William Brooks
University of York
American Sheet Music, 1880 to 1920

Salvatore Calomino
University of Wisconsin Madison
“Anna Bahr-Mildenburg: Memoirs,” Part 2; Christoph Willibald von Gluck as Innovator and Traditionalist

Federica Caneparo
Independent Scholar
Painting Ovid in Italian:
 Anguillara’s Translation of the Metamorphoses and its Impact on the Visual Arts

Ronald Corthell
Purdue University Northwest
Robert Southwell and Catholic Melancholy

Delia Cosentino
DePaul University
Resurrecting Tenochtitlan in Modern Mexico City, 1915-1965

Penelope Dean
University of Illinois at Chicago
Game Plans Strategic Design and Positioning Methods in Chicago, 1970–

Roger Ferlo
Bexley Seabury Seminary Federation
The Bexley Hall Collection–a history and Letters from “G”–the short life of an immigrant woman

Stephen Foster
Northern Illinois University
Provinciality in Colonial New England, 1690-1750

Lisa Freeman
University of Illinois at Chicago
The Novelty of Progress

Ginger Frere
Independent Scholar
Pre-Fire Chicago

Timothy Gilfoyle
Loyola University Chicago
Isaac Isaac Singer and the Creation of the American Garment Industry

Adam Goodman
University of Illinois at Chicago
Made in América: The Origins of the Central American Refugee Crisis

Kim Hedlin
Independent Scholar
The Book of Job from Luther to Milton

Sarah Kernan
Independent Scholar
Creating Cookbooks: Networks of Recipe Readers and Writers in England, 1300–1700

Thomas Kernan
Roosevelt University
The Great Emancipator/The Great Commoner: Music, Memory, and the Changing Lincoln Repertoire

Robert Ketterer
The University of Iowa
Articles on Classical Reception in Baroque Opera and Shakespeare.

Anne Koenig
Independent Scholar
Flesh and Blood: The Body and Popular Health in Late Medieval Germany

Ann Kuzdale
Chicago State University
Opera Omnia and Patristic Authority: a case study of Gregory the Great

Angela Latham
Governors State University
Finding Gloria

Julia Lieblich
DePaul University
The Divine Majority: Portraits of Religious Women Changing the World

Debra Mancoff
Independent Scholar
Backstories of Iconic Art

Andrew Mattison
University of Toledo
Renaissance Literary Forms and the Reading Stranger

Rowena McClinton
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
“Transnational Reaches of Moravian Missions, Missionaries’ Encounters with Indian Tribes, and Moravian North American, 1735 - 1840”

Christopher McKee
Grinnell College
Are You Prepared to Appear before the Dread Tribunal? Death, Sin, and Religious Faith on the Navy’s Lower Deck

Stuart McManus
Chinese University of Hong Kong
1619: A Global History

Omar McRoberts
University of Chicago
Black Public Religion and Social Welfare Policy

Walter Melion
Emory University
Translation and commentary of Karel van Mander’s ‘Grondt der edel vry Schilder-const’

Eva Mendieta
Indiana University Northwest
New Findings on Vicente de Lardizábal

Anca-Delia Moldovan
University of Warwick
Illustrating the Year: New Perspectives into Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Italian Calendars

Francesca Morgan
Northeastern Illinois University
Nation of Descendants: Genealogy and the Self in U.S. History

Peter Nekola
Luther College
Redrawing the World: 1919 and the History of Cartography

Kirk Nickel
Independent Scholar and Curator
The Enigmatic Image in Renaissance Brescia: Antiquarianism, Renovation, and Reform

Sheryl Reiss
Independent Scholar
A Portrait of a Medici Maecenas: Giulio de’ Medici (Pope Clement VII) as Patron of Art

Diana Robin
University of New Mexico
Italia Blood: Ippolita Maria Sforza and the Renaissance of War

Alicia Schatteman
Northern Illinois University
An Uncommon Life: The Legacy of Lea Demarest Taylor and the Chicago Commons Settlement House

Jason Rosenholtz-Witt
Independent Scholar
Music and Crisis at Santa Maria Maggiore, Bergamo during the Turbulent 1620s

Elizabeth Shermer
Loyola University Chicago
Indenturing Students & The Business of Education

Jeffrey Sklansky
University of Illinois at Chicago
Grassroots Property: Making Land on America’s Middle Border, 1850-1900

Tim Soriano
University of Illinois at Chicago
The Royal Navy, Legal Pluralism, and Authority in Sierra Leone 1785-1820

David Spatz
Independent Scholar
Roads to Postwar Urbanism: Expressway Building and the Transformation of Metropolitan Chicago

Richard Squibbs
DePaul University
Prattlers, Meddlers, Bachelors, Busy-Bodies: The Periodical Essay in the 18th Century & Conscience is a Pair of Breeches: Terrae Filius Periodicals, 1707-1763

Joseph Stadolnik
University of Chicago
The International Making of Early English Books

Neil Steinberg
Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago History

Jane Stevens
Illinois State Museum
The Edward E. Ayers Collection of America and Contemporary Native Artists

Ryan Taycher
Indiana University
The Foundation of Discant: Structure and Ornament in Medieval Polyphony

Andrew Trees
Roosevelt University
Forgotten Founders

Emily E. LB. Twarog
University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign
Lowell: The Spindle City

Nick Valvo
City Colleges of Chicago
The Parish of Parnassus

Mara Wade
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Emblems & Empire

Samuel H. Williamson
Miami University and MeasuringWorth
The impact of the Pennsylvania RR pension of 1900 on the retirees behavior

James Zychowicz
A-R Editions, Inc.
Reassessing the Reception of Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss