Current Scholars-in-Residence | Newberry

Current Scholars-in-Residence

2017-18 Academic Year

Lydia Barnett
Northwestern University
The Work of Science: Gender, Labor, and Environment in Early Modern Europe

James Barrett
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Chicago: A Racial and Ethnic History

William Brooks
University of York
Sheet Music Research and Development

Salvatore Calomino
University of Wisconsin Madison
Gluck, Hoffmann, and Mildenburg’s Importance for the Aesthetics of Mahler

Ronald Corthell
Purdue University Northwest
Robert Southwell and Catholic Melancholy

Alexis Culotta
American Academy of Art
After Raphael, Before the Sack: Roman Workshop Exchange of the 1520s

Penelope Dean
University of Illinois at Chicago
So Different, So Appealing: Clients, Objects, Architectures

Joseph Derosier
Northwestern University
The Biopolitical Frame of the Manual: Women’s Bodies and Women’s Literature in Newberry Case MS. 54.6

Lee Eisenberg
Independent Scholar
A Literary Inquiry into the “New Man” in the U.S. and Britain

Roger Ferlo
Bexley Seabury Seminary Federation
Letters from “G”: Two Upstate NY Immigrants’ Courtship in the Shadow of War (1917) and The Bexley Hall Collection: A History

Stephen Foster
Northern Illinois University
Provinciality in Colonial New England, 1690-1750

Lisa Freeman
University of Illinois at Chicago
The Novelty of Progress

Ginger Frere
Independent Scholar
Pre-Fire Chicago at the Newberry

Timothy Gilfoyle
Loyola University Chicago
Isaac Merritt Singer and the Creation of the American Garment Industry

Adam Goodman
University of Illinois at Chicago
Deportation by Other Means

Elliott Gorn
Loyola University Chicago
Violent Men

Daniel Greene
US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Americans and the Nazi Threat

Allen Grieco
Villa I Tatti
Food Cultures in a Trans-Atlantic Perspective

Cristina Groeger
Harvard University
Paths to Work: The Political Economy of Education and Social Inequality in the United States, 1870-1940

Katherine Gustafson
Indiana University Northwest
Coming of Age: Writing, Publishing, and Adolescence in the Eighteenth-Century Novel

Frances Hagemann
Independent Scholar
What Led to the Downfall of Ely S. Parker as Commissioner of Indian Affairs?

Justin Hastings
Loyola University Chicago
Text and Paratext in Piers Plowman

Kristen Irwin
Loyola University Chicago
The Bayle Enigma: A Systematic Reading

Natalie Joy
Northern Illinois University
Abolitionists and Indians in the Antebellum Era

Thomas Kernan
Roosevelt University
The Great Emancipator/The Great Commoner: Music, Memory, and the Changing Lincoln Repertoire

Robert Ketterer
The University of Iowa
Ancients and Ottomans in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Italian Opera

Ann Kuzdale
Chicago State University
Patristic Authority in Early Modern Opera Omnia Collections

Angela Latham
Governors State University
Alice Gerstenberg

Amy Lippert
The University of Chicago
Mapping Humanity

Rowena McClinton
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
The John Howard Papers, Volumes 7-14

Christopher McKee
Grinnell College
Ungentle Goodnights: Life in a Home for Elderly Naval Sailors and Marines

Debra Mancoff
Independent Scholar
Victorian Fashion Culture through the Lens of the Arts

Andrew Mattison
University of Toledo
Lament for the Measures: Renaissance Literary Forms and the Reading Stranger

Walter Melion
Emory University
Quid est sacramentum?: On the Visual Representation of Sacred Mysteries in the Low Countries, 1500-1700

Marion Miller
University of Illinois at Chicago
The Debate on the Mezzadria in the 19th Century

Francesca Morgan
Northeastern Illinois University
Nation of Descendants: Genealogy and the Self in U.S. History

Peter Nekola
Luther College
The Atlas as a Way of Thinking

Dike Okoro
Northwestern University
Reexamining the Significance of Father-Son Conflicts in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman and August Wilson’s Fences

Kyle Roberts
Loyola University Chicago
A New Library for a New City: Uncovering the Origins of the St. Ignatius College Library

Diana Robin
University of New Mexico
Filelfo’s Women: Literary Portraits from the Italian Renaissance Courts

Michelangelo Sabatino
Illinois Institute of Technology
Representing Urban Renewal

Elizabeth Shermer
Loyola University Chicago
Businnes of Education and Indentured Students

Jeffrey Sklansky
University of Illinois at Chicago
Revolutionary Gifts: Endowments, Estates, and Offices in Early America

Susan Sleeper-Smith
Michigan State University
Hands Off My War Bonnet: How European Museums Acquired Indigenous Objects

David Spatz
Independent Scholar
Roads to Postwar Urbanism: Expressway Building and the Transformation of Metropolitan Chicago

Jane Stevens
Illinois State Museum
Footprints Left Behind: Artists Inspired by History

Christopher Tirres
DePaul University
Mestizo/a Spiritualities across the Latino/a Americas

Jack Weiner
Northern Illinois University
The Spanish Composer Manuel de Falla and his Father Confessor

Kelly Wisecup
Northwestern University
Assembled Relations: Compilation, Collection, and Native American Writing

Qin Ying
Southwest Minzu University
China’s Southwest Antique Maps’ Family Trees and Its Spreading Clues Abroad: Case Studies of Maps Collected in the Newberry Library

James Zychowicz
A-R Editions, Inc.
Reassessing Mahler: The Composer and His Publishers