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Research Visits

We welcome anyone who is at least 14 years old (or in the ninth grade) to sign up for a Newberry reader’s card and begin using our world-famous humanities collection. You can sign up to become a Newberry reader online. When you arrive at the library, you’ll visit our Welcome Center, where staff will issue you a reader’s card and give you a quick orientation.

The Newberry collections focus on the humanities, which is a broad category of academic disciplines that includes history, literature, art, foreign languages and cultures, music, philosophy, and religion.

As you prepare to visit, please browse our Core Collections and check our Online Catalog. Our librarians have also compiled numerous Research Guides, organized alphabetically by subject, to help researchers begin their exploration of the collections.

You may also wish to contact the Newberry’s Research Centers, which sponsor programs and research at the Newberry related to their subject. If your research goals are more long-term, you may wish to apply for a Fellowship.