The Newberry - Chicago's Independent Research Library Since 1887
  • July 28 - July 31

    Chicago’s most colossal used-book extravaganza is taking place Thursday, July 28 through Sunday, July 31. In addition to your favorite prestige and pulp fiction, this year’s sale includes books in some 70 other categories, world’s fair memorabilia, records on vinyl, and art-dealer catalogs with original lithographs by Chagall and Miró.

  • Saturday, July 30

    Celebrating 30 years of free speech in 2016, the Bughouse Square Debates are a carnival of ideas, hot takes, and passionately held convictions. Speakers mount soapboxes throughout Washington Square Park to share their views on anything from baseball to civil rights. In the end, one speaker remains standing as the Dill Pickle Champion Soapboxer.

  • From the Stacks

    In the late 1860s, George P.A. Healy completed his most famous painting, “The Peacemakers,” and then spun it off into individual portraits of the Union leaders who appeared within it. Two of those portraits, one of Abraham Lincoln and one of Ulysses S. Grant, hang in the Newberry lobby today.

  • From the Stacks

    Ben Hecht wrote some of the most famous American movies ever made. But when he devoted himself to denouncing the Nazi persecution of European Jews during World War II, he turned to another genre: the theatrical pageant. With research using the Newberry’s Ben Hecht Papers, Chicago playwright James Sherman brings this forgotten chapter in Hecht’s career to the stage.