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Newberry Library Undergraduate Seminar

Students have the opportunity to explore multiple items from the collection.

Students have the opportunity to explore multiple items from the Newberry’s collection during one class meeting.

The NLUS program, sponsored by DePaul University, Loyola University Chicago, Roosevelt University, and the University of Illinois at Chicago, offers Chicago-area undergraduates a semester-long humanities seminar each year from January to May. The seminar carries the credit of two courses and involves common reading assignments, research in the Newberry’s core collections, and a major research paper. Seminars are team-taught and topics vary from year to year. Each class is limited to twenty participants, who are assigned individual study areas and are encouraged to work closely with Newberry staff.

The Spring 2019 seminar is Modern Literature and Art in Chicago: 1900-1960.

How to Apply

If you are a student at one of the participating institutions and would like more information on the seminar, send a message to, or contact the NLUS Advisor on your home campus:

  • DePaul University
    Professor Valentina Tikoff, Department of History
    (773) 325-1570
  • Loyola University Chicago
    Professor Elizabeth Tandy Shermer, Department of History
    (773) 508-2221
  • Roosevelt University
    Professor Priscilla Archibald, Department of Literature and Languages
    (312) 341-6453
  • University of Illinois, Chicago
    Professor Ellen McClure, School of Literatures, Cutlural Studies and Linguistics
    (312) 996-5076