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Donate Books and Materials

Scott Family and Jesse Succop

Volunteers Steve and Marilyn Scott (and family), and Jesse Succop from Whole Foods, with books from the 2010 Book Fair.

The Newberry welcomes donations of books, music, and videos for its annual Book Fair, which raises funds to help support the operations of the Newberry. Learn more about donating books and other materials at Book Fair Donations or call the Book Fair Manager at (312) 255-3501.

In addition, we are pleased to consider items that will extend, strengthen, and complement the library’s collection. Potential donations are reviewed to determine their appropriateness to the collection and their place within the library’s Collecting Emphases. Examples of donated materials added to the library’s holdings range from family papers and biographies to collections of books, manuscripts, and maps. The Newberry also welcomes donations of funds to help support the cataloging and conservation of items added to the collection. Learn more about making a monetary donation to the Newberry at Ways to Donate.

If you wish to consult Newberry staff about an area of the collection or are considering a gift of materials to the collection, you are welcome to get in touch with a curator or librarian. Find these Collecting Area Contacts and more information about Collecting at the Newberry.