Current Scholars-in-Residence | Newberry

Current Scholars-in-Residence

Current Scholars-in-Residence

James Barrett
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Chicago: An Inter-Ethnic and Interracial History

William Brooks
University of York
Singing for Sammy Land: World War I Sheet Music and American Culture

Salvatore Calomino
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Gustav Mahler, Literature, and Philosophy

Ronald Corthell
Purdue University Northwest
Robert Southwell’s Complaints

Lee Eisenberg
University of Pennsylvania
Cultural History of Masculinity

Parker Everett
Critical Historical Studies
Berlin and Chicago, 1870–1933: Urban Morphology in Perception and Practice

Leon Fink
University of Illinois at Chicago
Comparative Labor Justice in the Post-WWII World

Stephen Foster
Northern Illinois University
“At the Round Earth’s Imagined Corners”: Provinciality in Colonial New England, 1690-1750

Lisa Freeman
University of Illinois at Chicago
The Novelty of Progress

Ginger Frere
Independent Scholar
Researching Pre-Fire Chicago at the Newberry

Rachel Galvin
The University of Chicago
Poetry and the Press in Wartime

Timothy Gilfoyle
Loyola University Chicago
Isaac Merritt Singer and the Creation of the American Garment Industry

Elliott Gorn
Loyola University Chicago
Emmett’s Ghost: How a Mississippi Murder Haunted America, and Constructing the American Past

Daniel Greene
US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Americans and the Holocaust

Frances Hagemann
Independent Scholar
What Led to the Fall of Ely S. Parker?

Adele Hast
Independent Scholar
Payment of American Pre-Revolutionary War Debts

Benjamin Johnson
Loyola University Chicago
The Borders of Democracy: Liberalism and Latinas/os in US History

Robert Ketterer
The University of Iowa
Ancients and Ottomans in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Italian Opera

Matthew Knoester
University of Evansville
Education for Electoral Participation

Ann Kuzdale
Chicago State University
Patristic Authority in Early Modern Opera Omnia Collections

Amy Lippert
The University of Chicago
Mapping Humanity

Valeria Lopez Fadul
The University of Chicago
The Cradle of Words: Languages, Knowledge-Gathering, and Imperial Governance in the Early Modern Iberian World 1492-1650

Rowena McClinton
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
The John Howard Papers, Volumes 7-14

Suzanne McCullagh
Independent Scholar
The Cabbage Patch in Evanston: Five Generations

Christopher McKee
Grinnell College
Ungentle Goodnights: Life in a Home for Elderly Naval Sailors and Marines

Debra Mancoff
Independent Scholar
Victorian Fashion Culture through the Lens of the Arts

Andrew Mattison
University of Toledo
Solitude and Speechlessness: Obscure Ambitions in Renaissance Literature

Marion Miller
University of Illinois at Chicago
The Debate on the Mezzadria in the 19th Century

Francesca Morgan
Northeastern Illinois University
Nation of Descendants: A History of Americans and Heredity

Robert Morrissey
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
The Edge Effect of Empire: Indians, Europeans, and other Animals in the Colonial Mississippi Valley

Peter Nekola
The MacLean Collection
The Atlas as a Way of Thinking

Kyle Roberts
Loyola University Chicago
A New Library for a New City: Uncovering the Origins of the St. Ignatius College Library

Diana Robin
University of New Mexico
Joseph Smith’s Salon: Literary Men and Women in Eighteenth-Century Venice

Elizabeth Shermer
Loyola University Chicago
The Business of Education: The Corporate Reconstruction of American Higher Education

Jeffrey Sklansky
University of Illinois at Chicago
Sovereign of the Market: The Money Question in Early America

David Spatz
Yale University
Roads to Postwar Urbanism: Expressway Building and the Transformation of Metropolitan Chicago, 1909-1980

Jane Stevens
Illinois State Museum Chicago Gallery
Approaching Illinois’ Statehood Bicentennial in 2018: Recognizing and Honoring Native American Settlements in Illinois

Chloe Taft
Yale University
Contested Shorelines: Corporate Land Reclamation and Community Formation in South Chicago

Jack Weiner
Northern Illinois University
Juan de Tasis el Conde de Villamediana (1581-1622): Poesía, Arte y Música

Kelly Wisecup
Northwestern University
Assembled Relations: Compilation, Collection, and Native American Writing

James Zychowicz
A-R Editions, Inc.
Mahler Reception and Style Analysis: Symphonic Innovations