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Center for Renaissance Studies Fellowships

École Nationale des Chartes in Paris

The École Nationale des Chartes in Paris.

Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies Consortium Fellowships

The application deadline for 2017-18 fellowships will be December 15, 2016.

These two short-term fellowships support scholars at Center for Renaissance Studies consortium member institutions. They offer support for one month’s work in residence at the Newberry for one PhD candidate and one postdoctoral scholar working in medieval, Renaissance, or early modern studies through the year 1750. The postdoctoral scholar could be a full-time faculty member, adjunct faculty, librarian, or curator (with preference given for non-tenured faculty). See Short-Term Fellowships for application forms and instructions.

École Nationale des Chartes Fellowship

The application deadline for the 2017-18 fellowship will be November 15, 2016.

Established in 1979, this fellowship provides auditor tuition and a portion of living expenses, for up to one term, for a PhD candidate with ABD status at a U.S. or Canadian university to study at the École Nationale des Chartes in Paris. The École is the oldest institution in Europe specializing in the archival sciences, including paleography, codicology, bibliography, diplomatics, textual editing, and the history of the book. Preference is given to students attending member institutions of the Center for Renaissance Studies consortium. It is strongly recommended that the recipient be in residence at the École during the fall semester. Applications are especially encouraged from students who are in the research stage of their dissertation work.

See Long-Term Fellowships for application forms and instructions. The Project Abstract and Project Description should provide specific reference to the applicant’s need for the training available at the École and how it will contribute to the dissertation or future projects. Applicants for this fellowship may disregard the question in the application instructions about use of Newberry materials.

Download the École Nationale des Chartes’s brochure.

Other Fellowships

The Newberry offers additional Fellowships in the humanities, including short-term fellowships for which graduate students are eligible to apply, and other programs for scholars. For more information contact the Office of Research and Academic Programs at (312) 255-3666, or by email at

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