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Associated Colleges of the Midwest

The Associated Colleges of the Midwest offers a semester-long fall seminar and a series of one-month seminars during the winter and spring terms. Seminars are offered on a wide variety of topics, and all seminars are designed to allow students to create their own research project appropriate to the Newberry's Core Collections.

For information regarding costs, housing, and application procedures for next fall's seminar or any of the short-term seminars, see the ACM / Newberry webpage or call the ACM office at (312) 263-5000. Also see Past Seminars and Past Student Research Topics.

Short-Term Seminars

Short-term courses run for three to four weeks and are open to students from all ACM and Great Lakes College Association, Inc. member colleges. Because of the shorter duration of the courses, the Spring ACM programs are primarily scheduled and administered for students on the Block or One-Course-at-a-Time schedules, as offered at Colorado and Cornell Colleges.

Spring ACM courses heavily emphasize independent research and use the Newberry's collections as its core. Students receive the same amount of credit as they would for one course on campus, and in most cases, students and teachers are from the same school.

For more information, see the ACM Spring Seminar webpage.