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Application Guidelines

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Required Application Materials

Fellowship applicants are required to submit the following material:

  1. A project abstract of no more than 300 words (approximately 2000 characters) that communicates the significance of the project to the Newberry’s review panel, which consists of humanities scholars with wide areas of expertise.
  2. A project description of no more than 1500 words. This document should address:
    • In approximately 1000 words, the applicant’s project and its significance, referencing specific published scholarship in the field that will be influenced, revised, or supplanted by the proposed project.
    • In approximately 500 words, the relevance of the Newberry’s collections to the applicant’s project, including key archival holdings, and an outline of the applicant’s plan of work.
    • If the materials the applicant plans to consult are also available online or elsewhere, the applicant should explain how access to physical materials and/or variant editions at the Newberry would be advantageous to their research; this requirement is especially important for short-term applications.
  3. A selective bibliography of not more than one page providing, for purposes of context, a list of secondary sources relevant to the proposed project.
  4. A current Curriculum Vitae (CV) of no more than five pages. Please use the following commonly accepted terms to describe any forthcoming publications:
    • “in progress” - not yet completed or submitted
    • “submitted” - currently under review at a journal or press
    • “accepted” - contracted for publication; currently under revision
    • “in press” - in the hands of a copy editor, typesetter, or printer
  5. Letter(s) of recommendation, in English, that speak to the scholarly contribution of the proposed project, the value of a Newberry residency to the applicant, and the qualifications of the applicant. Long-term fellowships require three letters of recommendation, short-term fellowships require two letters of recommendation, with the following exceptions:
    • École Nationale des Chartes Exchange Fellowship (to the École): four letters
    • Lawrence Lipking Fellowship: one letter
    • Weiss-Brown Subvention Publication: no letters required

File Formats

Applications will be submitted electronically using SlideRoom, the Newberry’s online submission system. Basic applicant information and the project abstract must be typed or copied directly into a form in SlideRoom. The project description and curriculum vitae will be uploaded directly into SlideRoom. PDFs and Microsoft Word files (.doc and .docx) are accepted by SlideRoom. For more information on SlideRoom, see Submit Application.

Excessive Materials

At this time, the Newberry will not accept applications which include any materials in excess of the required materials. Excessive materials include, but are not limited to:

  • Images (either embedded or in appendices)
  • Abstract or project description exceeding the word limit
  • Appendices/bibliography exceeding the word limit
  • CVs longer than the five-page limit
  • Personal cover letter
  • Audio-visual materials
  • More than three letters of reference

Applications for the Jan and Frank Cicero and Arthur and Lila Weinberg Fellowships may include images and/or audio-visual materials.