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A Year with the Center

Barbara Dietlinger, University of Chicago

Barbara Dietlinger, University of Chicago

Barbara Dietlinger, University of Chicago

This 1558 Dutch edition of the Psalms (Case minus VM 2135 .N37b 1558) was Dietlinger’s choice to present during the 2018 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference.

I first came to the Newberry for the 2017 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference, where I presented a paper. Since then, I have attended a variety of CRS programs: the Seminar in European Art, the symposium on Sites and Soundscapes in the Italian Renaissance, the Ten-Week Graduate Seminar on ‘European Wars of Religion, 1550s-1650s,’ and the Dissertation Seminar for Scholars on Material and Visual Culture. I have also used the Newberry’s collections to research seminar papers, conference papers, and my dissertation. Most recently, I have served as a graduate organizer for the 2018 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference.

All of the CRS programs I attended were of highest quality and broadened my academic horizon. The 10-Week Graduate Seminar, taught by Brian Sandberg, was an exquisite experience that strongly influenced my dissertation topic. In this seminar, original sources in the Newberry’s collection were connected with recent research in a rewarding way. During the entire academic year of 2017/18, Lia Markey, Lee Palmer Wandel, and the participants in the dissertation seminar have been giving me advice and supporting me throughout the process of dissertating. Here too, it has been wonderful to have access to original sources in rare books sessions.

The interdisciplinary approach of the CRS is especially helpful; it creates a platform for multiple academic fields to engage in a productive dialogue among disciplines, always in a professional, welcoming, and positive atmosphere. It is a wonderful experience to get to know other scholars, ranging from scholars in their early years to already well-established, and to engage in profitable discussions.

Barbara Dietlinger
Department of Music
University of Chicago