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Renaissance Invention: Stradanus's "Nova Reperta"

Renaissance Invention is an exhibition exploring novelty and technology through an unprecedented study of the Nova Reperta (New Discoveries), a late sixteenth-century print series that went viral in Europe. The Nova Reperta celebrated the marvels of the age––including the printing press, the stirrup, the cure for syphilis, and the so-called discovery of America––and revealed the anxieties people felt in response to these innovations.

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Take a Virtual Curator-Led Tour

Take a virtual tour through the galleries with curators Lia Markey and Suzanne Karr Schmidt.

The Printing Press, Astrolabes, and Armor

Three Chicago based scholar-practitioners examine the major agents of change in the Renaissance.

Nova Reperta Time Machine

Using the Nova Reperta print series as a guide. travel through time to discover the Renaissance in the Newberry’s collection.

Digital Collections for the Classroom

Featuring essays, discussion questions, and digital images, our Digital Collections for the Classroom introduce students to how Europeans in the Renaissance experienced new technologies.

Family Guide

Explore the Renaissance Invention exhibition using this playful guide.

Video Podcast: Technology Then and Now

What is the relationship between technological change and economic development? Do the roots of the “knowledge economy” lie in sixteenth-century Europe? Explore these issues and more beginning with an in-depth look at Johannes Stradanus’s Nova Reperta