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Newberry Launches Digital Collections for the Classroom

Across the Continent

Across the Continent

January 2013

The Newberry is home to a world-class collection of millions of books, manuscript pages, and maps—a wealth of primary sources for English and history teachers. Yet finding the time to research the collections can be a challenge for busy educators. To facilitate access to this archive, the Newberry teacher programs staff has collaborated with scholars and university faculty to develop Digital Collections for the Classroom.

Newberry Digital Collections for the Classroom are thematic collections of primary-source documents selected from the Newberry’s extensive holdings and developed in conjunction with our professional development seminars. They are designed to be easily incorporated into classroom teaching and to support the development of skills emphasized in the Common Core State Standards. Each collection includes high-resolution digital images of documents representing a variety of genres from maps, photographs, and cartoons to poems, speeches, and travel narratives. Newberry staff researches and organizes the documents and provides contextual introductions, discussion questions, and bibliographic information for each collection. Staff continually creates new collections throughout each program year. These sources are available over the new website, where visitors can search and download individual items or entire collections, and will soon be able to create and share their own document collections.

Newberry Digital Collections for the Classroom offer teachers an easy way to incorporate primary sources into the humanities classroom and to engage their students in the exciting, challenging process of interdisciplinary historical research.