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New Newberry Reference Librarian Enjoying NGS Conference!

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Hi! I’m Becky Lowery and I have the good fortune to be the new Reference Librarian in Genealogy and Local History. Although I have only been at the Newberry Library for a few months, I have been doing genealogy research for myself and for friends and family for about 25 years.

Now I am attending the National Genealogical Society’s 2016 Annual Conference. This is giving me a chance to learn more about a number of different aspects in genealogy research. The sessions cover topics from using manuscripts for family information to assessing and using DNA and other genetic data for finding more family information.

One of the themes I have noticed in the first two days is the emphasis on the ordinary person and how much we can find out about them. It is what I think of as putting the meat on the bones. If we have a family tree chart, it is like we have the skeleton. And then we start building up the family tree. We start adding information from newspapers, land records, military records, and maybe if we are lucky personal papers like letters and diaries. And from all of this we begin to see a more complete, a more filled out person.

That is what I am here to do, to learn more so that I can help all of our readers learn more about their family.