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Hamilton: The History Behind the Musical

Alexander Hamilton, from Washington Irving's The Life of George Washington, 1889

Alexander Hamilton, from Washington Irving’s The Life of George Washington, 1889


Wednesday, January 11, 2017Thursday, March 9, 2017

R. R. Donnelly Gallery

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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s smash hit musical Hamilton has revived interest in Alexander Hamilton, one of the most complex and controversial founding fathers. Hamilton’s life and times are richly documented in primary sources here at the Newberry. This small exhibition highlights a few of these invaluable, rare sources.

How did the same man who was revered as a patriotic immigrant, Revolutionary aide to George Washington, and framer and defender of the Constitution, fall from grace to become reviled as a scheming bureaucrat, adulterer, and partisan politician? See first editions of Hamilton’s writings, original letters, and other materials that shed light on the many conflicting sides of Hamilton’s work and personality.

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