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Group Visits for Classes

A student works with Pullman materials.

A student works with Pullman materials while on a class visit. September, 2011.

The Newberry has an active instruction and outreach program for high school teachers, undergraduates, and graduate students. These visits may include a Newberry orientation and tour, a collection show-and-tell, or independent research in the reading rooms.

Since 2008, the Newberry has welcomed nearly 1,300 groups comprising nearly 20,000 learners, but unfortunately we cannot accommodate all group visit requests. Newberry-based programs get first priority, and these programs are especially active in January, February, June, July, September, and October. As a result, there are fewer outside group visits available during these months. Staff limitations and space constraints are other factors that might not permit the Newberry to accommodate a particular group visit.

Scheduling Your Visit

  • To schedule a visit, fill out the Group Visit Request Form. Please submit this form as soon as you begin to plan for a group visit. A minimum of a two-week notice is required, and not all groups can be accommodated.
  • Group visits can be scheduled for a fee of $100. Checks should be made payable to the Newberry Library.
  • Group visits last about an hour and may include an orientation and tour, a collection show-and-tell, or independent research in the reading rooms.
  • The maximum size for group visits for an orientation and tour is 25.
  • The maximum size for group visits for a collection show-and-tell is 15.
  • A maximum of six Newberry items may be requested for a collection show-and-tell. While a Newberry staff member will be on hand to supervise a collection show-and-tell, instructors are responsible for selecting the books, manuscripts, or maps, and for presenting the materials to their students. If you need help selecting materials for a collection show-and-tell, Newberry staff may be of assistance.
  • Instructors who have not used the Newberry are strongly encouraged to make a trip to best prepare for the class visit, especially if they intend to present a collection show-and-tell.
  • Group visits are only available during regular Newberry reading room hours.
  • All group members must be at least 14 years old or in the ninth grade.
  • The Center for Renaissance Studies serves a consortium of dozens of member universities. Faculty at those universities who would like to bring classes to the Newberry should visit the Renaissance Center Consortium page to find out whom to contact to arrange a visit. The center covers the fee charged by Reader Services for visits on medieval, Renaissance, and early modern topics by classes from consortium institutions.

Day of Your Visit

As part of the group visit, those who do not already have a valid Newberry reader’s card will have the opportunity to Obtain a Reader’s Card for future research at the Newberry. A valid photo ID is required. Visitors are required to leave coats and large bags in lockers in the lobby. Lockers cost a quarter, which is returned after use. Research assistance is available on the third floor Reference Desk and also on the second floor Genealogy and Local History Reference Desk for those who want to engage in research after the group visit. There is a readers’ lounge on the first floor with tables and vending machines (coffee, soft drinks, chips, candy). Visitors who bring a lunch will need to store it in a locker on the first floor. See Accommodations and Dining for a list of local restaurants.

Further questions? Please call Will Hansen at (312) 255-3527.