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Focus on Facilities

The Cobb Building Lobby in 1894. NL Archives 15 01 03, Bx. 3, Fl. #152.

The Cobb Building Lobby in 1894. NL Archives 15 01 03, Bx. 3, Fl. #152.

A matchless collection requires matchless care.

Comprised of highly trained, experienced and dedicated professionals, the Newberry Facilities team is responsible for the every aspect of the library’s historic Cobb Building and, most importantly, its 10-story Stacks Building.

Home to collections spanning six centuries that hold roughly 1.5 million books, 5 million manuscript pages, and 500,000 cartographic items, our Stacks Building requires extremely careful temperature, climate, pest and other controls. Facilities works hand-in-glove with Conservation to provide the best possible environment for our materials, helping to preserve the knowledge that lies within for generations to come.

Facilities also is responsible for the day-to-day management of a busy cultural institution, including security, special events, communications systems, staff support, and housekeeping.

Compact Shelving

One of the most critical projects in Facilities is the installation of new compact shelving. Completed in 2012, this project added about 19 percent to the library’s book storage capacity and added a full floor of space, enabling the library to continue to acquire rare, unique books that cannot be found anywhere in the Midwest, the country and, in a few cases, the world.

Equipment Services

From scholarly lectures to corporate retreats, every day the library’s many meeting rooms hum with activity. The Facilities Department assists with a wide variety of presentations by providing and setting up rooms and equipment, including projectors, screens, and laptop computers.

Internet Access

The Newberry provides wifi Internet access in a variety of locations throughout the building.

  • Public reading rooms
  • Fellows research carrels
  • Ruggles Hall, Towners, and all other lecture and seminar rooms