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English Manuscripts - Cusk, Sarah. Checklist of English manuscripts in the Newberry Library, 1500–1865

The Holy Bible Containing the Old Testament and the New. 1648.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old Testament and the New. 1648. Case BS 185 1648 .L6.

The aim of this checklist is to provide an introduction to those manuscripts in English in the Newberry Library produced between 1500 and 1865. Pre-1500 or “medieval” manuscripts are listed by Saenger (some are also listed in the online catalog); post-1865 manuscripts largely form part of the Modern Manuscripts collection and so are separately inventoried; for manuscripts in the Ayer collection, the reader should consult Butler and the online catalog. The parameters for this inventory are fairly wide: included are all manuscripts in the Case, Wing and Graff collections which are either in English or by English or American authors (a category that here includes composers, writing-masters, translations, and even, in some cases, subjects of legal documents).

The heterogeneous nature of the manuscripts here is actually a rather good reflection of the broad range of topics that can be studied at the Newberry. For example, the reader will find in this checklist manuscript copies of early-modern prose romances, letters exchanged between Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, the autographs of United States presidents, a Pennsylvania Dutch birth certificate and collections of eighteenth-century songs. This list des not try to describe a coherent collection but rather to provide one form of access to manuscripts that fall outside the boundaries of the Newberry’s individual collections.

The checklist was compiled from the shelf lists of the Case, Wing, and Graff collections. Most of these entries are abbreviated and the reader may find additional bibliographic information in the online catalog. This checklist does not include the Newberry’s collection of facsimiles of various English manuscripts in other libraries. Entries for such facsimiles will be found in the online catalog.

Sarah Cusk
July, 1997

English Manuscripts 1500-1865

Adams Family
[Autograph letters, signed, addressed to various persons]
v.p., 17631829
The members of the family represented are: John Adams, Abigail Adams, John Quincy Adams and Samuel Adams.
Case MS 6A 81

[Accounts respecting the trade of North America, Jan. 5, 1770 to Jan. 5, 1772]
n.p., 1772?
Case MS +H 7083.014

[Account book of an American ship’s captain]
v.p., 17971803
Case MS 3A 14

An account of the crimes committed and punishments inflicted on board H.M Ship Marlborough.
England, ca. 1814
Case MS I 2045.014

Albius no Blackloist. Or Whites principles justified from ye viewers aspersions.
n.p., 17
Case MS 4A 16

[Alphabet in ink and wash]
England?, 18
Scenes and architectural motifs fashioned in the shapes of the capital letters of the roman alphabet.
Wing MS ZW 8451.001

[Analysis of certain British customs regulations, with excerpts from pertinent laws, and examples of computation of duties]
England, 17
Wing MS ZW 7451.001 a

[Anonymous letter, critical of A View of Mr White’s principles]
n.p., 17
Case MS 4A 18

[Anthems in score]
London, ca. 1720
Case MS 7A 2

[Armorial bearings of the kings and noble families of Great Britain from the reign of William the Conqueror to that of James I]
England, 16?
Case MS +F 0745.046

[Batallion and fortification plans for the British Army]
England, 1810
Case MS U 2645.079

[Book of devotions and religious discourses]
England?, 1680
Case MS 3A 24

[Book of magical charms]
n.p., 16?
An occult manuscript containing extracts, in Latin and English, from writers on necromancy, magic, witchcraft and folklore.
* Case MS 5017

The booke of Ester. Illuminated by A.S.F.
England, 18
Wing MS ZW 845 .F 14

[Botanic medicine notebook]
n.p., 1838
* Case MS 5033

[Calligraphic initials]
England, 1590
Wing MS fZW 141.59

[Calligraphic commonplace book]
England, 15901618
Wing MS fZW 5451.001 c

[Children’s songs, catches, glees, etc.]
n.p., 18?
Case MS 5A 36

A choice collection of musical pieces fitted to the spinnet, harpsichord or organ.
England, 1764
Case MS oM 21 .C545

[Collection of glees, catches, rounds, etc.]
England, 177?
Case MS 7Q 56

[Collection of portraits of writing masters, and of examples of calligraphy, both mainly English]
v.p., 16051807
Wing MS +ZW 7451.001c

[Collection of manuscript copies of catches and glees]
England, 1764?
Case MS VM 1578 C 69

[Collection of hymns and other musical pieces]
United States, ca. 1810
Case MS 2A 2

[Collection of dance tunes for unspecified instruments]
United States, ca. 1820
Case MS oM 1 .A1 C65 1820

A collection of Scotch songs.
n.p., 17
Case MS 4A 1

[Collection of miscellaneous sacred and secular vocal compositions]
n.p., 17
Case folio MS oM 2021 .H354 M6 1788 no.2

[Commonplace book]
England, n.d.
The first 87 leaves are written in an early hand, possibly 16th century; succeeding leaves are by various hand, extending into the 19th century.
Case MS A 15.179

[Commonplace book, containing rules of civility and good manners, numeration, and miscellanea]
Scotland, 17
Case MS B 69.188

[Compendium of Roman and European history]
n.p., 17
Text is in Latin, followed by an extensive section in English.
Case MS 6A 66

The countryman’s festum festorum.
n.p., 16
Case MS 5A 30

Defence of England, etc.
England, 180?
Report on the means of resistance to an invasion of England by Napoleon, and the chances of an attempt being made.
Case MS +U 145.22

[Diary of a journey down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers in 1817, from Pittsburgh to New Orleans]
n.p., 1817
Case MS G 894.228

[Doctor’s journal]
n.p., 1829
* Case MS 5036

The Earle of Leicester’s Ghost
England, n.d.
Probably an eighteenth century copy of this important sixteenth century poem.
Case MS Y 185 .L 53

[English copybook]
England, 17
Wing MS ZW 7451.001e

n.p., 1748?
Case MS Y 02.264

[Essay on the Oath of Allegiance required by Catholics during the reign of Charles II]
n.p., 166?
Case MS 6A 25

[Example book of problems in trigonometry and surveying]
U.S., ca. 1820
Wing MS fZW 8831.2

A few plain and familiar discourses on several important truths of the Catholic religion.
n.p., ca. 1764
Case MS 3A 4

[Fragment (of a letter?) critical of Thomas White’s The Middle State of Souls]
n.p., 16?
Library has two copies with the same text and in the same hand. Case MS 4A 20 has four lines at the end in another hand.
Case MS 4A 19 and Case MS 4A 20

Geomancy; rules for prophesying.
n.p., n.d.
Case MS B 863.33

[Homilies on the Lord’s Prayer]
England, 16
Case MS 3A 29

[Illuminated alphabet]
England, 1843
Wing MS fZW 141.843

[Lecture notes of a British physician]
England, 1770
* Case MS 5038

[Lecture notes of a British physician]
Edinburgh, Scotland, 1770
* Case MS 5039

[Lecture notes on diseases]
n.p., ca. 1800
* Case MS 5040

[Lecture notes on diseases]
n.p., 17
* Case MS 5032

[Letter from an unidentified woman to Leigh Hunt]
London?, 1835
Case MS 4A 39

[Manuscript notebook, containing miscellaneous notes, poetry, etc.]
England, n.d.
Case MS A 15.548

[Manuscript diary written during campaigns of the French and Indian War]
n.p., 175558
Case MS oE 199 .M36 1755

[Manuscripts of a miscellaneous character]
England, 16 to 17
Includes historical, medical and genealogical material.
Case MS 6A 67

[Miscellaneous collection of church tunes]
n.p., 18451851?
Case MS VM 2121 M67

The Nature of the Court of the Commons House of Parliament with what matters they may meddle & e contra oppisicons & proceedings therein & other observacons thereupon ….
England, 16?
Compiled from parliamentary records. Covers the period from the reign of Edward VI to 1606.
Case MS fK 0452.613

[Notebook of hymn tunes]
n.p., n.d.
Case MS VM 2121 N91

[Notebook of music, containing popular tunes and poetry arranged for the flute]
England?, 1800?
Case MS VM 290 N 91

Nugae canorae, or, Scribblethorpe hall. A politicodomestic miscellany of metrical effusions occasionally thrown out during more than half a century. To which is added an attempt to supply the deficiencies, & to remove the blemishes, in Dryden’s celebrated Ode on Alexander’s feast, with Prolegomena and an answer to the criticism of Dr Knox. By an octagenarian ….
England, 17?
Case MS +Y 185 .N 89

Observations, rules and orders, collected out of the Journalls of the House of commons, entred in ye reignes of King Edw: 6, Q. Mar. Que: Eliz. King James ye First, King Charles the First and King Charles the Second.
n.p., n.d.
Case MS fK 045.64

Orders to be observ’d at the French billiard table.
England, 17
Ms rules, within painted border of people in contemporary dress playing billiards.
Wing MS +ZW 7451.001o

Ordinary of Crosses
England, 17?
Coats of arms drawn in pen and ink, representing varying forms of cross design used in heraldry.
Case MS fF 07.646

The paradise of a Christian soul.
n.p., 16?
Case MS 4A 14

[Poems, songs, epitaphs, epigrams of the seventeenth century]
England, 16?
Case MS Y 1845.7

Poorlaw rhymes.
England, ca. 1835
Case MS 5A 38

Practice of medicine.
America, 182?
* Case MS 5041

[Psalm tunes, with an alphabetica table of the names of notes, and a short introduction on the modes, all in manuscript]
n.p., 1693
Case MS VM 2136 P 967 1693

England, 16
Contains engraved coats of arms mounted on leaves of a copybook. A calligraphic alphabet, originally included, has been removed and mounted separately.
Wing MS fZW 141.59

Several considerations proposed for ye satisfaction of such Catholics as desire to bee informed concerning ye oath of allegeance enacted 3o Jacobi cap. quarto. n.p., ca. 1660
Case MS 4A 12

A short and easie way for to learn in a few days time all the principles of the musick, mecessary for the practise of it, and chieffly for the use of the harpsichord, by F. de P.
n.p., 17
Case MS 7Q 72

A spirituall exercise of fower dayes in the year 1693.
n.p., 16
Case MS 3A 5

Star spangled banner.
n.p., 182
Case MS 8A 110

[Treatise on Christian theology, with special reference to St Paul and to Platonism]
n.p., ca. 1735
Case MS 4A 38

A True description, & directions of [what] is most worthy to be seene in all Italy orderly sett downe, & in such maner [that the] traveler may not oversee or neglect any thing [that] is memorable in [those] contreyes ….
England, 16?
Case MS G 35.8891 no.1

Ascough, George
New, and complete alphabets. In all the various hands of Great Britain, with the Greek, Hebrew, and German characters.
England, 1782
Wing MS ZW 1.782

Audubon, John James
Copy of my journal from Fort Union [illegible word].
n.p., ca. 1845
Graff f*109110

Augur, David
An epistle on letter writing, indited by David Augur.
Marlborough, England, 1855
Wing MS ZW 883 .A 921

Augur, David
Old English capitals.
England, 1855
Wing MS ZW 883 .A 922

Augustinus, Aurelius Saint ,. Bishop of Hippo
[Meditationes. English] Meditations of Our Holy Father St Augustine.
n.p., 16
Case MS 2A 1

Banks, Jonathon
Juveniles phantasiae. Or the original history of all the remarkable and curious adventures of Mirus Omnivagus, his shipwreck … and his travels over part of Africa, and many desert places in Brasil. Likewise his aerial flight to England in his Grand balloon ….
England, 1795
Case MS Y 155 .B 221

Barefoot, Walter
Bill of costs, 1683, Walter Barefoot agt. [against] Mr Martin.
Massachusetts, 1683 (1686 copy)
* Case MS 5006

Barton, Benjamin Smith
Notes on the materia medica from the lectures delivered by B.S. Barton.
Pennsylvania, 18089
Case MS Q .07

Bath, William Pulteney, Earl of
[William Pulteney’s resolutions on Spanish affairs, 1738]
London, 1738?
Case MS fF 45919.37 no.9

Battishill, Jonathan
[Psalm tunes composed and arranged by J. Battishill]
n.p., n.d.
Case MS VM 2136 B 33p

Beldornie Press
Catalog of books printed at the Beldornie Press for Edward Vernon Utterson.
Ryde, 184043
Wing MS Z 311 .B 41

Bell, John
Bell’s Commonplace book, for the pocket; form’d generally upon the principles recommended and practised by Mr. Locke.
London, 1770
Case MS A 15.087

Bell, Josias Fendall
[Sketches of a journey from Smithboro, Pa. to California]
v.p., 184144
Graff *245

Belson, John
A catalog of the books in the study of John Belson of Brill in the County of Bucks.
England, 1729
Case MS 6A 16

Benner, Milton
Daily Jounal for 1858
New York, 1858
Case MS E 5 .B 434

Benwell, John
Incidents of travel. Being a narrative of four years in the United States, and territories of America.
Bristol, England, 1852
Case MS G 833.0859

Bewick, Thomas
[Autograph letters signed]
Newcastle, England, 180415
Wing MS 2

Bewick, Thomas
…Last will and testament of me Thomas Bewick.
NewcastleuponTyne, England, 1807
Case Wing MS +Z 311 .B 464

Bewick, Thomas
[Original drawings]
n.p., 18?
Case Wing MS ZX 845 .B 46

Bird, William
A treatise concerning the nobilitie according to the lawes of England.
n.p., 162?
Case MS 6A 12

Bissell, Thomas
[Trust in the Lord]
Boston?, 18?
Case MS 8A 89

Boll, Francis
[Indenture executed between Francis Boll and his wife Martha, of Wokinham, Berkshire, and Richard Braxston the elder of Reading, Berkshire, dated 21 November 1687]
England, 1687
Wing MS ZW 6451.687

Bonneville, Benjamin Louis Eulalie de
[Autograph letter, signed, addressed to General John Mason]
Washington City, 1835
Graff *349

Bowack, John
The returning dove, a poem occasion’d by the near prospect of approaching peace ….
England, 1712
Wing MS ZW .B 672

Bradburn, George
[Diary of an antislavery lecture tour]
n.p., 184243
Case MS H 5836.117

Brant, Sebastian
Navis stultifera … Translata e lat. in anglicam lingua … Reformata novis figuris, a M.G. [Maria Gale].
England, 1696
A seventeenthcentury English translation of Brant’s “Ship of Fools.”
Case MS fY 952 .B 733

Bristol, George Digby, 2nd Earl of
My Lord of Bristolls speech 1662 concerning the oaths of supremacy and allegiance.
n.p., ca. 1662
Case MS 6A 18

Browne, S.
[Twenty signed holograph letters to John Sanders]
England, 178297
Wing MS ZW 745 .B 812

Bruce, John
Notes on the History of the United Netherlands, compiled during a residence at the universities of that country, and intended as an introduction to its history.
London, 1795
Case MS fF 46.13

Brunson, Alfred
[Autograph letter, signed, addressed to John Bell]
Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin Territory, 1841
Concerns the settling of Indians west of the Mississippi River.
Graff f*452

Brydges, Francis
A brief description of ye whole Babilonish, Assirian, Caldaican empire … most famous for its antiquity.
n.p., 167?
Case MS F 02632.126

Buckle, Henry Thomas
[Notes to Wealth of Nations]
n.p., 184?
Case MS 4A 2 v.2

Bull, Ole Bornemann
[Autograph letter, signed, addressed to George Riggs of New York]
Nueve Grande, Panama, 1854
Case MS fV 29.13784

Bulmer, William
[Letter to B. Nichols]
London, 18
* Wing MS 46

Bunting, Charles
To the Honorable John C Calhoun these specimens of writing are most respectfully submitted by his obedient servant Chas. Bunting.
U.S., ca. 1823
Wing MS fZW 883 .B 942

Burney, David
[Bill and receipt for payment of account of Philip Nolan with David Burney]
n.p., 1801
Graff *497

Burns, Robert
[Autograph poems]
n.p., 179?
Case MS 7A 4

Burr, Aaron
[Autograph letter, unsigned, largely in cypher, addressed to James Wilkinson]
n.p., 1806
Relates to the Burr Conspiracy
Graff f*502

Burr, Aaron
The U. States vs Aaron Burr. Recognizance for appearance in Ohio.
Virginia, 1807
Graff f*2690

Butts, Thomas
[Calligraphic manuscript of poetry]
England, 1739
Wing MS fZW 745 .B 982

Buxton, George Frederick Augustus
[Collection of writings, published and in manuscript, gathered by the author’s mother after his death]
v.p., 18411848
Graff *3619

Buxton, George Frederick Augustus
v.p., 18391848
Graff f*3614

Byrne, John
[Letter addressed to Mr. Elisha Babcock]
Windham, Conn., 1796
Case MS E 5 .B 98894

Cadets of Temperance, Iowa
Cadets of Temperance, Iowa City, section no. 1. Secretary’s book, no. 2.
Iowa City, 1860
Case MS fI 222.144

Cage, Henry
Magnum in parvo or The pens perfection … Hen: Cage 1725.
England, 1725
Wing MS fZW 745 .C 131

Callaway, D.
[Autograph letter, signed, addressed to Daniel Colgar]
St Charles, 1812
Graff f*552

Capron, Edwin R.
[Autograph letters, signed, written to various members of Capron’s family]
v.p., 186366
Graff *579

Capron, V.
[Autograph letter, signed]
Keosauqua, Iowa, 1845
Graff f*581

Cargill, James
Poems on various subjects.
Edinburgh, 18?
Wing MS ZW 843 .C 277

Carr, Benjamin
The clouds were dispers’d. Song.
Philadelphia, 18?
Case MS 8A 85

Carr, Benjamin
Extracts from B. Carr’s manuscript organ book at St Peter’s Church.
Philadelphia, 18
Case MS 6A 40

Carson, Christopher supposed author)
[Manuscript letter, signed]
Toas, 1848
Believed to be a forgery.
Graff *602

Chambers, Abraham
Mr Abraham Chambers’s book.
England, 1718
Wing MS fZW 745 .C 351

Chambers, Zachary
[Specimens of calligraphy by Zachary Chambers and others]
England, 17
Scrapbook containing 63 original specimens, some dated from 1729 to 1731.
Wing MS 745 .C 354

Chambers, Zachary
[Specimens of calligraphy by Zachary Chambers and others]
England, 17
Wing MS fZW 745 .C 352

Champion, Joseph
New and complete alphabets. In all the various hands of Great Britain, with the Greek, Hebrew, and German characters ….
London, 1753?
Wing MS fZW 745 .C 356

Champion, Joseph
[Specimens of calligraphy]
London, 17581768
Wing MS fZW .C 361

Chapman, Nathaniel
Notes taken from the lectures of Nathaniel Chapman M.D./ by Thomas P. Bagwell, Virginia.
Virginia, 18251826
* Case MS 5013

Charles II, King of Great Britain
The particular test for priests.
n.p., 166?
A form of the Oath of Allegiance, drawn up probably during the reign of Charles II.
Case MS 6A 24

Chew, Beverly
[Autograph letter, signed]
Newcastle, Delaware, 1798
Graff f*673

Chinnery, W. et. al
[Specimens of calligraphy, by various hands]
England, 17
Includes work by W. Chinnery, J. Bland, J. Champion, Jacob Laurentius, and two leaves signed I.O. (possibly John Oldfield).
Wing MS fZW 7451.001s

Church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints
[Letter to the Governor of Ohio]
Nauvoo, Ill., 1845
Graff f*4081

Clarendon, Edward Hyde , first Earl of
[Letters from 1668]
London, 1668
Case MS fF 45919.37 no.5

Clarendon, Henry Hyde , 2nd Earl of
[Letters addressed to the Right Hon. the Earl of Abingdon]
London, 16871699
Case MS E 5 .C 5434

Clark, William
[Account book]
St Louis, 18251828
Autographed on front cover is a list: Men on Lewis & Clark’s trip.
Graff *743

Clark, William
[Autograph letter, signed, to Henry Heald]
St Louis, 1811
Graff f*744

Clarke, William Johnston
Chester, Vt., 1864?
Case MS E 5 .C 557

ClarkeWhitfield, John
[Collection of sacred music]
Cambridge, 1802
Case MS VM 2023 C 593c

Clyman, James
Memorandum & diary of J Clyman.
n.p., 1840
Graff *768

Cocker, Edward
[Specimens of calligraphy]
England, 16
Wing MS ZW 645 .C 642

Collier, John Payne
[Manuscript collection for the history of Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex] London, 184?
Case MS E 5 .E 7863

Congregational Churches in Massachusetts
[Minutes of an ecclesiastical council held at Petersham MA., 11 Sept. 1816, copied by Henry M. Dexter]
n.p., n.d.
Case MS D 284468.7

Cook, Robert
[Armorial bearings of the kings and noble families of Great Britain from the reign of William the Conqueror to that of James I]
England, 1572
Case MS F 0745.1915

Cook Co., Ill Thornton Precinct
Poll book of an election held in Thornton Magistrate District for two justices of peace and two constables ….
Illinois, 1836
Graff +*4144

Cooke, Thomas Simpson
Nobody coming to marry me: a much admired song; sung by Mrs Poe of the Boston Theatre.
United States, ca. 1810
Case MS oM 1 .A12 C66 N63

Craven, Benjamin
Lieut. Benjamin Craven, barrack master at Staten Island. His orderly book.
Staten Island, 1782
Case MS F 8326.2

Crawford, Robert Emilius Fazakerley
My journal.
v.p., 185556
Case MS E 5 .C 8578

Crotch, William
[Ten anthems, no. 3. Sing we merrily]
n.p., 18
Case MS 8A 103

Culbertson, Alexander
[Autograph letter, signed]
Sioux City, 1856
Graff f*938

Cullen, William
Of the nervous system; Of the actions of moving fibres; Of the functions of the brain.
n.p., ca. 1780
* Case MS 5037

Dahlgren, John Adolphus Bernard
[Letters by Rear Admiral J.A. Dahlgren to his sister M.M. Dahlgren]
v.p., 185870
Case MS E 5 .D 136

Davenport, George
[Legal instrument conveying land from Davenport to Antoine Le Claire]
Iowa, 1841
Graff +*1008

Davies, John
[Specimens of calligraphy]
England, 1604
Wing MS ZW 645 .D 282

Dawes, Ephraim Cutler
[Copy of diaries and letters]
n.p., 18?
Case MS E 5 .D 32414

Dawes, Ephraim Cutler
n.p., 186218?
Case MS E 5 .D 32416

Digbie, Lord et. al
Lord Digbie’s Letter &c.
England, 16?
The manuscript contains copies, in an unknown hand, of the following items: A letter of my Lord Digbie’s journall, and first enterteinment in Spaine, as extraordinary embassador. Petition presented to ye King by Mr Francis Phillips in ye behalfe of Sr. Robert Phillips his brother then prisoner in the Tower. Newes from Scotland. Archie’s letter out of Spaine to ye L. Viscount Haddington here in England. A letter of a gentleman who was then a prisoner in ye King’s bench.
Case MS F 455.51

Doctors’ Commons
A true coppy of a letter from Doctors Commons to Sc Esq in Leistersheire. n.p., ca. 1696
Case MS 5A 23

Dodd, Bethuel
[Autograph letter, signed]
St Louis, 1841
Graff *1102

Douglass, John Bannan
Diary of the college life and times of John B. Douglass. Yale college, class of 1852.
New Haven, Conn., 184953.
Case MS E 5 .D752

Dovaston, John Freeman Milward
Melodies introduced into, and illustrative of, two lectures on national melody.
Shrewsbury, 1839
Case MS oM 1627 .D68

Dresser, Henry
Henry Dresser’s Specimens of writing.
Leeds, England, 18171818
Calligraphic copybooks that include poems and essays on moral, geographical and historical themes and letters home.
* Wing MS 23

Dubuque & Pacific Railroad Co.
Statement of assets & liabilities….
Dubuque, Iowa, 1857
Graff f*1161

Dunbaugh, Jacob
[Autograph letter, signed]
Baton Rouge, 1807
Graff f*1176

Edwards, Richard
The paradyse of daynty deuises aptly furnished with sundry pithie & learned inuentions….
England, 17?
Eighteenth century transcript, in the hand of George Steevens, of the 1576 edition.
Case MS Y 1845.249 no.1

Elizabeth (of England). Queen Consort of Frederick I, King of Bohemia
[Autograph letter, signed, to the Earl of Manchester]
Netherlands, 1660?
Wing MS fZW 645 .E 42

Elizabeth, Queen of England
[Instrument of recovery of the manor of Brantingsten, county of York, and of other lands granted to Sir William Ingleby and his wife Catherine.]
England, 1579
Wing MS +ZW 1.579

Ellwood, Thomas
Davideis; or, the history of David from his anointing by Samuel, thro’ the short liv’d caresses, great disappointments and persecutions under Saul, to the death of that monarch, with the advancement of the hero to the throne of Judah. A sacred poem in 12 books ….
n.p., n.d.
Case MS Y 185 .E 49

Elsynge, Henry
Modus tenendi Parliamentum apud Anglos composed by Mr Elsinge clarke of the Upper House of Parliament.
England, 16
Case MS folio oJN 593 .E7

Emmett, Daniel Decatur
I wish I was in Dixie’s Land: presented to Charles Ridley Esqr. with the compliments of the author and composer.
n.p., 1859
Case MS oM 1630.3 .D4 E45 1859

Erasmus, Desiderius
A dialogue, between Antronius, a voluptuous abbot, and Magdalie, a learned lady; written originally in Latin, by Erasmus. Translated into English, by W. Massey.
England, 175
Wing MS ZW 745 .M 387

Fairfax, Brian
Brian Fairfax’s Advice to His children …
n.p., 1683
Case MS B 683.28

Fenwick, Sir John
The whole proceedings in the House of lords upon the bill of attainder against Sr. John Fenwick, together with the several letters, papers and depositions relating to the correspondence held between the Earl of Monmouth, Dutches of Norfolk and the Lady Mary Fenwick &c.
London, 1696
Case MS fE 5 .F 36842

Ferguson, Samuel
[Petition of Samuel Ferguson to the general governor and commander in chief in and over the province of West Florida and the territories, for a tract of land on Lake Ponchartrain, La.]
Pensacola, Fla., 1775
Case MS E 5 .F 3857

Floyer, Anne
[Indenture executed between Anne Floyer of Cantilliesheley in the county of Monmouth and William Breton, of Exon, dated 1 July 1637]
Wales, 1637
Wing MS ZW 6451.637

Forsyth, Thomas
[Autograph letter, signed]
Peoria, 1824
Graff f*1384

Fountains Abbey
[Indenture of Marmaduke III, Abbot of Fountains Abbey, and of William Ingelby]
England, 1518
Wing MS +ZW 1.518

Gallagher, William Davies
[Autograph letter, signed, addressed to Gov. Geary of California]
Pewee Valley, Ky., 1857
Graff 1486

Gamble, John et. al
[Collection of legal documents and correspondence]
London, 180918
Collection of documents relating to the earliest papermaking machines built by John Gamble, H. & S. Fourdrinier and Bryan Donkin.
Case Wing MS fZ 30535.186

Gibson, William
[Lecture notes on surgery]
Pennsylvania, 18371839
* Case MS 5025

Godey, Louis Antoine
[A Letter from Louis Antoine Godey to E.H.N. Patterson of Oquawka, Ill]
Philadelphia, Pa., 1861?
Case MS **E 5 .G 5345

Goodwin, John
Progress of the Two Sicilies under the Spanish Bourbons, from the year 1734/35 to 1840.
n.p., 1842?
Case MS F 3598.356

Goodwin, Solomon
The Life of Solomon Goodwin, written with his own hand.
Litchfield, Conn., ca. 1770 ca. 1820
Case MS E 5 .G 634

Goodwin, Solomon
Some account of the ancestors, connections, and descendants of Solomon Goodwin. Litchfield, Conn., ca. 1800
Case MS E 5 .G 634

Granger, Gideon
[Statement reporting conversations with William Ely about Aaron Burr]
Springfield, Mass., 1806
Graff f*1613

Graves, William
Two letters from W. Graves, esq.; respecting the conduct of Rear Admiral Thomas Graves, in North America, during his accidental command there for four months in 1781.
London, 1782?
A collection of pamphlets, autographs and copied letters of T. Graves and others, manuscript notes by W. Graves and clippings of newspapers, all relating to the Chesapeake affair.
Case MS F 8321.357

Great Britain. Inspector General.
An abstract of the Inspectr. Genlls. accounts of imports and exports. From Michs. 1697 to Michs. 1698.
England, ca. 1700
Case MS H 7045.372

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords.
Committee concerning penal laws against Roman Catholics.
n.p., 1661
Case MS 6A 20

Great Britain. Privy Council.
The oath of a privy councellor taken by the Right Hon. Henry Earle of Clarendon the 26th of May 1680.
n.p., 1680
Case MS 6A 23

Great Britain. Court of King’s Bench.
The order of proceedings att the assises to be holden by the king’s justices etc.
England, 15?
Case MS fK 545.3575

Great Britain. Sovereigns.
[Original entry book, containing copies of commissions by Queen Anne, appointing officers to commands in the army, with a table of the fees]
London, 170214
Case MS U 1455.37

Great Britain. Army.
Standing Orders for the Island of Minorca.
Mahon, Minorca, 1800
CAse MS 4A 24

Great Britain. Parliament, 1785 House of Commons
A bill for finally regulating the intercourse and commerce between Great Britain and Ireland.
London, 17?
Case MS fH 7045.373

Great Britain. Parliament, House of Lords
Remembrances for order & decency to be kept in the Upper house of Parliament.
n.p., n.d.
Entries from 16231712.
Case MS K 0451.373

Great Britain. Parliament, House of Lords
Remembrances for order and decency to be keptin the Upper House of Parliament ….
England, ca. 1720
Entries from 1621 to 1720.
Case MS K 0451.374

Great Britain. Commissioners for Rebuilding the Cathedral Church of St Paul, London
[Letter to Richard Chiswell]
London, 1704
Case MS 6A 70

Great Britain. Laws, statutes etc
[Draft of an ordinance for promoting peace in the Commonwealth]
n.p., ca. 1655
Case MS 6A 17

Greeley, Horace
[Autograph letter, signed, concerning payment of royalties]
New York, 1864
Graff 1634

Green, Henry A.
To the much honoured visitors of the schools.
England, 1806
Wing MS fZW 845 .G 795

Greenhow, Robert
[Autograph letter, signed, to the New York Tribune]
Washington, 1845
Graff f*1651

Greer, Nathan C.
[Collection of letters relating to printing in Illinois]
Chicago and Waukegan, Ill., 184654
Case Wing MS +Z 311 .G 27

Greer, Nathan C.
Scale of prices for book & job printing, adopted at the Daily transcript office by Nathan C. Greer.
Peoria, Ill., 1859
Case Wing MS +Z 311 .G 27

Greer & Wilson, firm printers ,. Chicago
A catalog of the different varieties, of printing, that can be had at the Journal’s printing establishment of Greer & Wilson …
Chicago, Ill., 1846
Case Wing MS +Z 311 .G 27

Gregg, Josiah
[Autograph letter, signed, to John Bigelow]
Washington City, 1844
Graff 1656

Gregor, Francis
Gregor Manuscripts
England, v.d.
Twelve eighteenthcentury manuscripts from a miscellany owned by Francis Gregor. Includes copies of: a letter written by the Earl of Clarendon in 1668 to the Duke and Duchess of York pertaining to the rumor that the Duchess had become a Roman Catholic; a 1716 address to the King by the gentlemen of Cornwall; the Prince of Wales’ answer to the addresses of the grand jury of Cornwall; proceedings of the House of Commons, Jan. 26, 1741.
Case MS fF 45919.37

Hamill, Julia R.
[Scrapbook of material on the Civil War]
Chicago, 186064
Newspaper clippings, mounted, and ms. poetry.
Case MS F 834.376

Hamilton, Alexander et. al
[Collection of autograph letters, signed, written by various people prominent in the early history of the United States]
v.p., 17751840
The writers include: Alexander Hamilton, George Wythe, General Lafayette, George Washington, Paul Revere, John Hancock and Andrew Jackson.
Case MS 6A 82

Hammond, Sir Andrew Snape
… Estimates of the charge of building and equipping for sea with the masts, yards, rigging, sails anchors, cables, boats, and other articles of the boatswains.
England, 1794
Case MS U 5.388

Hansard, Thomas Curson
[Autograph letter signed, addressed to John Bowyer Nichols]
n.p., 1825
Concerns the “typographic portraits” and the specimen of Chinese printing in Hansard’s Typographia, which had just been published.
Case Wing MS Z 311 .H2

Harford, Anthony
Sermons Preached in 1655.
Dartmouth, England, 16
Case MS C 9911.386

Harshe, John
n.p., 18071817?
Case MS oTA 522 .P4 H37

Heywood, Nessy
England, 179092
Correspondence of Miss Nessy Heywood during 179092, relating to the imprisonment, as a mutineer on the Bounty, conviction and pardon of her brother Peter. Preceded by a collection of occasional poetry by the author and followed by poetry dedicated to her memory by friends.
Case MS E 5 .H 5078

Hickey, Lt.
Lieut Hickey’s Book of signals
England, 1781
Case MS U 545.402

Hicks, F.
[Signal book for the ships of the East India Company and her convoy]
St Helen’s, 1793
Case MS U 708.404

Hillhouse, William
Incidents and experience in Iowa from 1840 to 1844.
n.p., 187?
Graff *1889

Hitchcock, George
The Lady Alice Oldfield her Kallicia and Philaedus.
England, 165?
The unpublished manuscript of an early prose romance.
Case MS fY 1565 .H 635

Hobbes, T. R.
The departure written and presented to The Hon. Miss Monckton by William Hayley Esq.
n.p., ca. 1815
Case MS 8A 93

Hoffman, Charles Fenno
[Autograph letter, signed, to Albert M. Lea]
New York, 1836
Graff *1917

Holden, Oliver
Alpha. C. M. [by] Holden.
n.p., 179
Case MS 8A 109 no.1

Hollis, Thomas
Statutes & orders of me Thomas Hollis of London, merchant, concerning ye disposition of several sums of money by me sent over to New England, & paid to ye treasurer of Harvard college in Cambridge ….
London, 1723
Case MS I 78.3334

Hook, James
Now’s the time to sing and play.
Boston, 1799
Case MS 8A 109 no.3

Hosmer, John Allen
Stat [sic] Theatre, Season 1. Week 1. Night 1. Opening night, Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Foster will appear on Monday eve. Dec. 21 ‘63 to commence with Shakespeare’s tragedy of Richard III ….
n.p., 1863
Hosmer’s autograph of an imaginary playbill.
Graff *1960

Howell, Elizabeth Bowen
[Writing books and manuscript commonplace books]
Boston, 180633
Wing MS ZW 883 .H 859

Hubbard, Gurdon Saltonstall
[Autograph letter, signed]
Chicago, 1833
Graff *1993

Hudson, E.
I’ll ask the sylph.
Philadelphia, 18?
Case MS 8A 86

Hudson, William
A Treatise of the Star Chamber.
England, 16?
Case MS fK 545.424

Hunt, John W.
[Autograph letter, signed, to Philip Nolan]
Lexington, Mass., 1800
Graff f*2014

Hutchinson, Thomas
Facts Relative to the discovery, progress, and government of America.
England, 179?
Case MS F 844.419

Ide, Henry Clay
Ought the negroes in this country for the present to be excluded from the ballot box?
Hanover, N.H., 1864
Case MS J 324.43

Ide, Sarah
[Specimen of writing]
U.S., 18
Wing MS fZW 883 .I19

Ireland, Samuel
London, 175559
Wing MS ZW 745 .I 652

Irving, Washington
[History of the life and voyages of Christopher Columbus. Selections]
n.p., ca. 1828
* Case MS 5076

James I, King of Great Britain
[Contract concerning land between King James I and Gervase Markham]
England, 1608
Wing MS +ZW 1.608

James I, King of Great Britain
[License for the alienation of land from Sir William Ingelby, Knight, to Jerminus Garret, gentleman, Baron]
England, 1616
Wing MS +ZW 1.616

Jefferson, Thomas
[Autograph letters, signed, to various persons, and other items relating to Jefferson]
v.p., 17871800
Case MS 6A 80

Jefferson, Thomas
[Autograph letters, signed, to various persons and government agencies]
v.p., 180123
Case MS 6A 79

Jenkins, George William
Report of the 9 months campaign served as a private soldier in the service of the United States.
n.p., 186263
Case MS F 8342.447

Jenks, Stephen
[Manuscript book of hymn tunes]
n.p., n.d.
Case MS VM 2121 J 53m

Johnson, John
[Autograph letter, signed, to William Clark]
Fort Madison, Iowa, 1809
Graff f*2219

Jones, John W.
Across the plains.
n.p., 186?
Graff f*2243

Kelso, Esther Inglis
A New Yeeres guift for … Lady Arskene of Dirltovn….
England, 1606
Wing MS ZW 645 .K 29

Kendall & Sons
[Letter addressed to Owen & Hurlbert, South Lee, Mass.]
Leominster, Mass., 1846
Concerns a nonspecified method of bleaching rags in the paper making process. Wing MS 13

Kennedy, Patrick
Original poems and drawings
Ireland, 18
Wing MS fZW 842 .K 36

Kiddiar, N.
Estates in Warwick ls. ar. belonging to Simon Luttrell Esq.
England, 1744
Case MS +H 9445.274

Kirk, John
Epitaphs of English clergy & laity in Rome.
n.p., 18
Case MS 6A 19

Ladies’ Relief Association for Soldiers’ Families, Chicago
Chicago, 186365
Case MS F 8345.155

Langham, Sir James
[Two letters to his brother William Langham of Walgrave]
London, 1793
With this item is a Latin letter, signed by E. Clarke, dated May, 1694.
Case MS fE 5 .L 257

[Langley’s Alphabet of arms]
England, 18?
Case MS F 0745.482

Lathrop, Joseph
Springfield, Mass., 1759
Case MS C 9911.487

Latimer, John
[Autograph letter, signed, to William Clark]
Chicago, 1811
Concerns the situation of the Indians in the vicinity of Chicago.
Graff f*2411

Laurence, James
[Coach painter’s cipher book]
Scotland, 1763
Wing MS ZW 743 .L 432

Lavigne, Bazile
[A bill of sale transferring “for the price of $300” the ownership of a slave from Bazile Lavigne to Leon Letellier]
New Orleans, 1850
Case MS fH 5830.095

Le Claire, Antoine
[Articles of agreement between Antoine Le Claire and George Davenport with six others founding a company to establish the town of Davenport, Iowa, dated 23 February 1836]
Davenport, Iowa, 1836
Graff +*2431

Lenain, Lazare Republicain
The divine cabal containing the seventy two angels, with their offices and seals of the celestial and angelic sphere …. Translated from the French of Lenaine by Mr. Geo. Shephard. Transcribed by Fred Hockley.
England, 1840
Wing MS ZW 845 .H 652

Lincolnshire. County.
[Lincolnshire voting records]
Lincoln, England, 182639
Case MS +F 459485.554

Lindow, John
n.p., 177579
Case MS 5A 24

Lintot, Bernard
[Autograph letter, signed, addressed to Hubert Rowell]
Natchez, Miss., 1798
Graff f*2504

Livingston, Robert R.
v.p., 186465
Graff f*2515

London Working Men’s Association
London, 1840?
Case MS J 54572.518

Lonsdale, Christopher
Musical and Dramatic Curiosities exhibited by C. Lonsdale.
London?, 18?
Binder’s title for a scrapbook of original receipts of composers, dated 17811864, in transactions with the publishers Robert Birchall and Christopher Lonsdale.
Case MS fV 209.52

Loomis, H.
[Autograph letter, signed, to William Kimball]
Kaskaskia, Ill., 1830
Graff f*2533

Lunt, Samuel
n.p., 1807
Wing MS fZW 883 .L 964

Madox, Thomas
[Book of reference to public grants]
England, ca. 1700
Covers period of the reigns of Henry VIII to Charles I.
Case MS fH 9745.542

Manningham Family
Rivall Friendship
England, 166?
The unpublished manuscript of an early prose romance, composed by a member of the Manningham family.
Case MS fY 1565 .R 52

Marshall, John
[Autograph letter, signed]
Richmond, Va., 1820
Case MS 5A 5

Masham, Esther
Letters from relations and friends to Esther Masham.
n.p., 1722
Case MS E 5 .M 3827

Mason, John
[Autograph letter, signed, addressed to William Clark]
Washington, D.C., 1812
Graff f*2699

Massachusetts. Militia.
[Original manuscript orderly book and letter book kept at the headquarters of the Deputy Commissary General of the militia of the state of Massachusetts, 1787]
Massachusetts, 1787
Case MS F 844.55845

Massachusetts. General Court.
[Resolution:] That Massachusetts hereby refuses to acknowledge the act of the government of the United States, authorizing the admission of Texas …
n.p., 1846?
Graff f*2701

Mather, Cotton
[Sermon on Romans II:16]
n.p., ca. 1700
Case MS C 9911.557

Mather, Increase
[Cases of conscience concerning witchcrafts]
n.p., ca. 1700
Case MS B 8884.558

Mather, Thomas
v.p., 18251886
Graff f*2707

Mather, Thomas
v.p., 18251886
Manuscript diaries, account books, authograph letters, etc., many in connection with Mather’s activities as one of three commissioners of the Santa Fe Road Commission, established in 1825.
Graff f*2707

McDonnell, Alexander
[Autograph letters, signed, to his brother Edward McDonnell]
v.p., 1850
Graff f26002601

McDowell, Irvin
[Autograph draft, unsigned, of a letter intended for U.S. Grant]
San Francisco, 1865
Graff f*2602

McDowell, J.
[Statement of account submitted to Robert McKnight]
Staunton, 1808?
Graff f*2603

McKee, John
[Autograph letters, signed, to James Wilkinson]
Mississippi, 180507
Graff f*26222625

McKnight & Brady, firm St. Louis
[Letter and invoice sent to M. McDonogh of St. Charles]
St. Louis, 1812
Graff f*2638

McKnight, Robert
[Autograph literary fragments attributed to McKnight]
n.p., 181?
Graff f*2636

McKnight, Robert
[Autograph statement of account rendered to Mr. Walsh]
n.p., 1810
Graff f*2634

McKnight, Robert
[Autograph letter, signed, addressed to James McKnight]
n.p., 1811
Graff f*2635

McKnight, Robert (supposed author)
Journal from Urbana [Ohio] to Louisiana.
n.p., 1811
Graff *2633

McNair, A.
[Autograph letter, signed, addressed to James Baird]
St. Louis, 1812
Graff f*2644

Milles, Jeremiah
Ars musica.
Oxford, England, 1773
Case MS V 2.6083

Milles, Thomas
Ars musica.
Oxford, England, 1773
Case MS V 2.6085

Milne, William
The commonplace book of the Rev. William Milne, late missionary to China ….
n.p., n.d.
Case MS A 15.58

Milnor, Joseph
[Writing book]
Philadelphia, 173243
Wing MS ZW 783 .M 632

Minor, John
[Bill of sale … transferring a slave named Ceazar from Stephen Minor to Philip Nolan]
n.p., 1800
Graff f*2825

Morehead, Charles Slaughter
v.p., 1862
Case MS 4A 37

Morrill, Mary
Boscawen, N.H., 1828
Wing MS ZW 883 .M 874

Morris, C.
[Autograph receipt, signed]
Staunton, 1807
Graff *2898

Morris, Thomas
[Autograph letter, signed, addressed to the wife of Henry Van Schaack]
Detroit, 1765
Graff *2900

Morrison, James
[Autograph letter, signed, addressed to Robert McKnight]
n.p., 181?
Graff f*2904

Morrison, James
[Autograph statement of account, rendered to Baptiste LaLande]
St. Charles, 1812
Graff f*2903

Mousetrap Club, London
[Rules and records of bets of the Mousetrap club]
London, 170828
Bets made and fines levied on the marriages of the members.
Case MS K 845.598

Mowbray, John de ,. 8th Baron Mowbray
[Legal instrument donating lands to the monastery of Fountains Abbey, 13th April 1301]
England, 1301
Wing MS fZW 1.301

Murphy, Arthur
The Englishman from Paris
London, 1756
Case MS Y 135 .M 9562

Nason, Daniel
Journal of a tour from Boston to Savannah ….
Cambridge, Mass., 1848
Graff 2946

Nebraska Winter Quarters or Florence Co.
[Articles of agreement]
Council Bluff City, 1854
Graff f*2836

Nightingale, Mary D.
[Collection of piano solos, piano duets and songs produced by or for Mary D. Nightingale.]
n.p., 18
Case MS VM 1 M 294

Nisbet, Charles
Moral Philosophy
Carlisle, Pa., 180?
Case MS B 6.63
Noble, Mark
Memorabilia concerning the reigns of Edward I, Edward II & Edward III, with a critical review of that of Richard II.
Barming, England, 1804
Case MS F 4525.625

Northampton, Henry Howard, Earl of
A dutifull defence of the lawfull regiment of women.
England, 15?
Case MS fJ 5452.634

Novello, Vincent
[Autograph letter, signed]
London, 1847
Case MS 6A 37

Nowell, Alexander
The [first of four conferences] had by Mr Nowell [and] Mr Day … with Mr Campion, Jesuit … in the great armory of the Tower of London, the XXXI of August, an. 1581.
London, 1581
Case MS fE 5 .C 1579

[Oldham slave case: documents and correspondence]
v.p., 185760
Case MS H 5836.6438

Oldham, James
The young man’s delight and his accomplishment. A copy booke, containing sundry examples of all sorts of hands, which are now practisd … and with sundry figures of men, beast and birds, written, and made by James Oldham, junior.
England, 1677
Wing MS fZW 645 .O 643

Overland Stage Line
[Pass issued to Col. Livingston between Julesburg and Thompson’s Station] Kearney Station, Colo., 1864
Graff *1927

Oxley, Thomas J.
[Autograph letters, signed, addressed to various members of Oxley’s family]
v.p., 18501853
Graff f*3151

Pastorius, Francis Daniel
Emblematical recreations.
Germantown, Pa., ca. 1700
Case MS W 1025.656

Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth
[Autograph letter, signed]
Shepherdstown, Virginia, 1800
Case MS 5A 57

Pirot, Edme
A short account of what happened in Paris concerning ye oath of allegeance.
n.p., ca. 1679
An account of several consulations with Edme Pirot of the Sorbonne by various Englishmen concerning the Oath of Allegiance of 1606.
Case MS 4A 13

Plummer, Tristram
On the pen
Boston, 1788
Wing MS fZW 783 .P 735

Potter, Horatio
[Autograph letters of Bishop Horatio Potter of the diocese of New York]
New York, 18421860
Case MS E 5 .P 8519

Presidents of the United States
v.p., 17831940
Documents and letters signed by presidents from George Washington to Harry S. Truman.
Case MS +J 083.056

Pringle, Peter esq ,. pseud
[Letter to Captain Jack Downing]
Mill Village, N.H., 1832
Manuscript letter in imitation of the Jack Downing letters.
Case MS fY 295 .P 93

Pyle, John
Indenture: Istleworth, Middl[ese]x County, [Eng.], to Edward Gibsey, 1668 Sept. 29.
England, 1668
Case MS + 5077

Reading, Pierson Barton
[Autograph letter, signed]
New Helvetia, Calif., 1847
Graff f*3433

Recusants. English.
[Documents and papers relating to English recusants]
v.p., 15821619
Case MS 6A 45

Richardson, Sir John
[Autograph letter, signed, addressed to Dr. Booth]
Gosport, 1853
Graff 3492

Riedel, Frederick William A.
[Manuscript notes on the Syriac text of portions of the New Testament]
New Brunswick, N.J., 1857
Case MS C 41.74

Ritson, Daniel
A miscellaneous collection of anecdotes, acrostics, songs & epitaphs, with various matters, some in prose and others in verse, both serious and comical.
Cambridge, England, 1795?
Case MS Y 1565 .R 51

Robbins, Prospect K.
[Autograph promissory note, signed]
n.p., 1812
Graff *3517

Robins, John
Private letters.
Lima, Peru, 182334
Letter book of John Robins, an English merchant at Lima and Valparaiso.
Case MS G 998.752

Root, M. A.
Philosophical theory and practice of penmanship. In three parts: primary, intermediate, and final. Each part in four books.
Philadelphia, 184
Published as a copybook, with model sentences, and spaces for a student’s penmanship. The spaces in this copy have been used for manuscript poetry, probably by the owner and several other persons.
Wing MS ZW 883 .H 813

Roper, Edward
[Trial of Edward Roper]
London, 1714
Transcript of the trial heard before the House of Lords April 30, 1714, against the Catholic Roper, “to prevent ye further growth of popery.”
Case MS fF 45919.37 no.1

Roper, Elizabeth
[Elizabeth Roper her booke]
n.p., 1691
Case MS VM 2.3 E 58r

Roper, Mary
[Mary Roper her booke]
n.p., 1691?

Roper, William 14961578 ).
[Mirrour of vertue in worldly greatnes] The lyfe of Syr Tho. More sometymes Lord Chauncellor of England / written by William Roper his sonne in lawe anno domini 1535.
England, 15?
* Case MS 5048

Rotch, Annie
[Poetry album]
New York, 18511861
* Wing MS 54

Royal Hospital, Chelsea
Establishments: Royal Hospital, Chelsea, widows pensions, guards and guarrisons, forces in the plantations, 17101713.
London, 1713
Case MS +F 4557.275

Royall, Anne Newport ).
[Autograph letter, signed, addressed to Peter Force]
Washington, 1835
Graff f*3588

Royall, Anne Newport
[Autograph letter, signed, addressed to Gideon Lee and others]
Washington, 1837
Graff f*3589

Ryley, Samuel William
London, 1830
Case MS E 5 .R 989

Saul, James
[Autograph letter, signed, to William Clark]
New Orleans, 1809
Graff f*3686

Scotland. Laws, Statutes etc
Abridgment of acts of Parliament made in Scotland in the reigne of Queen Anne from 1702 to 1707, by A.K. [Alexander Keith].
Scotland, 17?
Case MS K 243.023

Scottowe, John
[Alphabet of ornamental capitals used as initials in specimen pages of calligraphy]
England, 1592
Wing MS ZW 545 .S 431

L. Annaeus Seneca’s thirty fifth epistle; address’d to his friend Lucilius; translated into English by Wm. Massey.
England, 175
Wing MS ZW 745 .M 388

Sherman, William Tecumseh
[Autograph letter, signed, addressed to General U. S. Grant]
College Hill, 1862
Graff *3755

Simmons, Mary
[Arithmetic exercise book]
England, 1722
Wing MS fZW 745 .S 611

Smither, George
[Autograph letter, signed, addressed to the author’s mother]
Fillmore, Andrew Co., 1859
Graff f*3871

Sole, William
A compleat list of Brittish songs that have been composed within the last two centurys, together with some of more remote antiquity.
Bath, England, 17781790
Case MS v 8045.8

Somerset. County.
Records Relating to the County of Somerset
England, n.d.
Copied from a manuscript in the library of John Francis Gwynn, this includes records (grants, licenses of alienation, Exchequer records, clauserolls and inquisitions post mortem) from the reigns of Edward I, Edward II, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.
Case MS F 45982.73

Somerville, William
The chase, a poem; by William Somerville. With a sketch of his life. In manuscript. By Mr George Mackay.
England, 1816
Wing MS ZW 845 .M 192

Southgate, Henry
Liber trium argumentorum.
London, 1840
Wing MS fZW 845 .S 727

Spalding, Henry Harmon
[Autograph bearer note, signed]
Clear Water, 1843
Graff *3919

Squire, Robert
Death, a comedie written in Latin by M. W. D. and translated into Engl. by Robt. Squire.
n.p., 16
Case MS 5A 7

St Nicholas, John
[Course of sermons, 16621663]
Lutterworth, England, 16621663
Case MS C 9911.767

State of Virginia
[Virginia documents]
Virginia, 17171721
Contents. Woodford vs. Offley, Aug. 19, 1717, concerning shipment of tobacco. Hart vs. Sullivan, Sept. 20, 1721, concerning payment of wages.
Case MS F 863.944

Stationer’s Hall
A list of music entered at Stationers’ Hall from January 1 1789 to January 1 1819.
London?, ca. 1819
Case MS 6A 36

Stauffer, Jacob
[Writing and drawing book]
Manheim, Pa., 182628
Wing MS ZW 883 .S 798

Steele, John
[Autograph letter, signed]
Sacramento, 1851
Graff *3962

Steele, John
[Autograph letter, signed]
Rio da los Americanos, 1852
Graff *3963

Stevens, Benjamin
[Ticonderoga journal]
Connecticut, 1776
Case MS 5A 9

Story, Deacon
Rules for tuning ye voice.
Durham, Conn.?, 1740?
Case MS VM 2116 S 88r 1740

Stourton, Catherine Walmesley (Petre)
The executorship account of the Right Hon. Catherine Lady Dowager Stourton deceased Jan. 31st 1785.
n.p., 178586
Case MS 4A 15

Talfourd, Sir Thomas Noon
Glencoe, or The fate of the Macdonalds. A tragedy in five acts.
England, 1839
Case MS Y 135 .T 1538

Templeton, George M.
v.p., 18521958
Graff *4099

Thomas a Kempis
[Hospitale pauperum. English] A little treatise made by Thomas a Kempis which he callth an Hospitall for ye poore.
n.p., 16
Case MS 2A 1

Thomas, Timothy
The manual of Epictetus’s Morals attempted in English verse by T.T. [Timothy Thomas]….
Presteigne, England, 1744
Case MS Y 642 .E 307

Tomkins, Thomas
The golden verses of Pythagoras [and other poems].
London, 179
Wing MS ZW 745 .T 592

Tublay, Mary
[Copybook and drawing exercises]
England, 179
Comprises calligraphic copies of E. Wigan’s Practical Arithmetic and Bickham’s The Universal Penman, with six pen drawings copied from Bickham’s Drawing Book.
Wing MS fZW 745 .T 792

Turner, William
Triumphant notes and hymns of joy.
n.p., 16
Case MS sVM 1621 T 94

Ulster Co., NY. Court of common pleas
Ulster common pleas register.
Kingston, NY, 180610
Case MS fF 85189.905

U.S. 9th Congress, 2d session
Congress of the United States. In the House of Representatives …. Resolved, that the President of the United States, be, and he hereby is requested to lay before this House, any information in possession of the Executive … touching any illegal combination of private individuals, against the peace and safety of the Union….
Washington, 1807
Graff f*4372

U.S. Army. Dept. of the Platte.
[Journal of an anonymous scout operating out of Fort Kearney, Nebraska Territory]
Nebraska Territory, 1865
Graff f*4359

U.S. Army
[Letters between Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee]
v.p., 1865
A series of nine communications exchanged between Grant and Lee during April 1865 negotiating Lee’s surrender; transcribed in the hand of E.S. Parker, Grant’s military secretary, and accompanied by his notes.
Case MS F 8340.905

Vansyckle, J. M.
[Autograph letter, signed]
San Francisco, 1857
Graff f*4461

Vevers, R. L.
R.L. Vevers at Richard C. Driver’s Academy ….
Leeds, England, 1837
Wing MS ZW 845 .V 594

Wadsworth, James
[Account book for attending on committee settling army records in 1782 and 1783]
n.p., 178283
Case MS F 8327.886

Walter, John Henry
[Formulas for experiments made in the laboratory at Printing House Square on the analysis of paper and chemistry for printers]
London, 1883
Case Wing MS Z 30547.954

Walton, Seymour
n.p., 186266
Case MS fE 5 .W 1766

Ward, William
A copy book with variety of copies of the hand in fashion. By William Ward, schoolmaster, at y Marrishes in Pickering Lyth, anno Domi. 1734
England, 1734
Wing MS fZW .W 264

Watson, Martin
A booke of peeces conteyning in number 24 vizt the church text, the bastard, Italian text, and the set engrossing.
n.p., 1674
Wing MS fZW 645 .W 33

Webb, Edward
Specimens of penmanship ….
England, 17
Wing MS +ZW 845 .W 382

Weems, Gregory
[Lecture notes]
New York, 18251826
* Case MS 5034

Wesko, Catharina
Pennsylvania Dutch birth certificate for Catharina Wesko.
Pennsylvania, 1786?
Wing MS +ZW 7831.786

Weston, R. B.
[Mormon correspondence]
Carthage, Ill., 18431844
Case MS fB 995.968

Wetmore, Truman S.
Republican harmony: containing the rudiments of psamody; together with a collection of church music.
n.p., ca. 1798
Case MS VM 2116 W 54r

White, Thomas possibly ).
A discourse concerning the Eucharist
n.p., 16?
Case MS 4A 17

White & Morris, firm New Orleans
[Receipt issued to Robert McKnight]
New Orleans, 1811
Graff *4636

Whittemore, Rebecca
[Writing book]
Medford, Mass., 1799
Wing MS ZW 783 .W 612

Wilkinson, James
[Autograph letter, signed, to Philip Nolan]
Frankfort, Kentucky, 1791
Graff f*4663

Wilkinson, James
[Autograph letter, signed, to Jonathan Williams]
Washington, 1800
Graff f*4664

Wilkinson, James
[Autograph memorandum]
n.p., 180?
Graff f*4668

Wilkinson, James
[Autograph letter, unsigned, to Thomas H. Cushing]
St. Louis, 1806
Graff f*4665

Wilkinson, James
[Autograph letter, initialled, to Thomas H. Cushing]
St. Louis, 1806
Graff f*4666

Wilkinson, James
Extract of a letter from General James Wilkinson to the Hon. Henry Dearborn.
Natchez, Miss., 1806
Graff f*4667

Willard, Samuel
A collection of marches and quicksteps arranged in three parts.
Upper Alton, Ill., 1838
Case MS VM 1260 W 69c

Willard, Samuel probable author)
[Collection of dance tunes]
n.p., 18
Case MS VM 1450 D 173

Willard, Samuel
[A manuscript collection of glees and partsongs for mixed voices, composed and partly copied by Willard]
Jacksonville, Ill.?, 1846?
Case MS VM 1579 M 67

Willcox, Asa
Asa Willcox’s Book of Figures
n.p., 1793
Case MS V 168.971

Williams, Loren L.
v.p., 18511880
Inserted are numerous ms documents, autograph letters, illustrations, ms. maps (drawn by the author), newspaper clippings, etc. For details see the Graff Catalog. The journal covers the author’s activities as an officer during the Civil War, active in the West, and subsequent activities as a pioneer in the development of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.
Graff f*4683

Wilson, Matthew
Multum in parvo: being a new therapeuticalphabet, or a pocket dictionary, of medicine, midwifery, & surgery: extracted from short medical notes on about nine hundred diseases … adapted to the middle states of N. America
n.p., 1787
Case MS 5014

Wilson, W.
W. Wilson, at S. Hodgsonn’s Academy ….
Leeds, England, 1840
Wing MS ZW 845 .W 692

Wolfe, James
Instructions for young officers …
n.p., n.d.
Case MS U 0.99

Wright, Thomas
Natural writing in all the hands with variety of ornament ….
Suffolk, England, 1745
Wing MS ZW 745 .W 932

Wright, William
[Diary and account book]
Canada, 185869
Case Wing MS Z 311 .W 954

Wroth, Lady Mary
The [first and] secound booke of the secound part of the Countess of Montgomery’s Urania.
England, 1621?
Probably the original manuscript of the unpublished second part of Urania.
Case MS fY 1565 .W 95

Wynne, William
[Brief history of printing and dictionary of printers]
London?, ca. 1760
Case Wing MS fZ 3111.988

Wythe, George
[Two autograph leaves]
n.p., 17
Case MS 5A 6

Yorke, S. J.
Remarks on Board HMS Jason. S.J. Yorke Esq. capt.
n.p., 1801?
Case MS fG 04.738

Young, Philip
History of the Texan revolution, comprising an account of every interesting event from the discovery of Texas by La Salle, 1685, to the period of its annexation to the United States, 1846.
n.p., 185?
Case MS fF 877.994

Additions to the Checklist of English Manuscripts in The Newberry Library, 1500-1865

Augusta Sophia, princess of Great Britain, 1768-1840.
Common- place book[manuscript] ca. 1833
(Wing MS 120)

Bagwell, Thomas P.
Notes taken from the lectures of Nathaniel Chapman M.D.
(Case MS 5013)

Beale, Robert, 1541-1601
Report to the Privy Council on the execution of Mary, Queen of Scotts[manuscript], 1586 [i.e. 1587] Feb. 8.
(Case MS 5089)

Bond, Daniel, 1842-1924.
Diary and memoir [manuscript], 1864-1916.
(Case MS 10001)

Brewer, Nathan
The art of surveying [manuscript]/ Nathan Brewer of Southborough : written Februaury the 5th, A. 1804
(folio Case MS 5099)

Butterfield, Justin, 1790-1855
Letters [manuscript] : Chicago, to William H. Swift and Gerrit Smith, 1846 May 13 - Sept. 14.
(folio Case MS 5147)

[Calendar] [manuscript]
Case MS 127

[Collection of indentures] [manuscript], 1706-1775
(Case MS 5079)

Collection of land indentures and court orders involving properties and lands in Cornwall and Devon [manuscript] ca. 1588-1818
(Case MS 5103)

[Commentaries on William Rastell’s Collection of all statutes]
[manuscript] [16–]
(Case MS 5078)

Correspondence of Henry and James Patterson
(Case MS 5071)

Doegen, C.L.
(Case MS 5069)

Dox, Hamilton Bogart, b. 1829.
Papers [manuscript] : concerning the military service of Hamilton B. Dox during the Civil War, 1864 Jan. 4-1905 Nov. 10.
(Case MS 10004)

Earl, Thomas, 1704-1751
Calligraphic and computing instruction manual [manuscript] 1740-1741
(Wing MS 105)

England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)To the constable [and] horseholders of the hundreds of Chart and Longbridge [manuscript]… 1635 May 10.
(oversize Case MS 5150)

Fitch, Edward
Letters [manuscript], 1852-1856
(Ruggles 121)

Folsteed, Humphrey
Letter[manuscript] : Yarmouth Roads, aboard the ship Marigold…
(Case MS 5108)

Foster, William T., fl. 1862-1863.
Letters [manuscript], 1862 Oct. 7-1863 Dec. 26
(Case MS 10007)

Gallentine, Charles W, fl. 1862-1863.
Letters. [manuscript] 1861 Nov. 1-1893 Dec. 17.
(Case MS 10008)

Garretson, William Harrison, 1823-1864.
Letter [manuscript] : [West Virginia?] to Elizabeth Gourley Garretson, [between 1862 and 1864] Feb. 10-12.
(Case MS 10002)

Graves, James Taylor, 1841-1923.
James Taylor Graves papers[manuscript], [ca. 1850]-1891, (bulk 1862-1867)
(Case MS 10010)

Handel, George Frederick, 1685-1759.
Tamerlane. Vocal score. English & Italian.
(sc 2464)

Hercher, Ferdinand, 1861-1862.
Diary [manuscript], 1861 Oct. 12-1862 April 3.
(Case MS 10005)

James V, King of Scotland, 1512-1542.
Passport for travel in France for Alexander Naper of Marthamston, and Andrew Bruse[?] of Powfoichs[?] [manuscript], [1535]
(Case MS 5090)

Kruse, Charles T., d. 1865.
Letters [manuscript] : to family members, 1862 Aug. 24-1865 May 26.
(Case MS 10003)

Leavitt, Jacob
Geometrical propositions, problems, Of the chain…1759
(Case MS 5021)

Leavitt, John
John Leavitt’s book begun February 7th 1796.
(Case MS 5068)

Letter [manuscript], 1666 Novembrie
(* folio Case MS 5217)

Leonard, Charles S., b. 1835
Charles B. Leonard papers[manuscript], 1862-1897.
(Case MS 10012)

Madison, James, 1751-1836.
Letter[manuscript] : Montpelier [Va.}, to James Monroe, Oak Hill, Loudon County, Virginia, 1827 Sept.22.
Manuscript record of book titles with entries from 1809 to 1846
(Case MS 5022)

McCreary, James B. (James Bennett), 1838-1918.
The journal of my soldier life [manuscript], 1862 Aug. 30-1864 Nov. 25.
(Case MS 10013)

Napoleonic wars papers relating to Major Henry Blanckley, 23rd Regiment, Wellington’s spy 1809-1820
(Case MS 5029)

Nau, Claude, sieure de la Boisseliere, fl. 1574-1605.
Letter [manuscript] : Sheffield [England], to Monsieure Beale, secretaire du Conseil d’Ang[leter]re., [London, England], 1582 Apr. 8. (Case MS 5091)

Norton, Charles Eliot, 1827-1908.
Letter[manusript]:Georgetown, D.C> to [Catherine Eliot Norton], 1862 Feb. 28
(Case MS 10009)

Read, Eugene B.
(Case MS 5073)

Rice, Henry, fl. 1861-1862.
Letters [manuscript] : Camp Peoria [Peoria, Ill.], Mrs. Amory Rice [and the Rice family], Lewiston, Ill., 1862 Sept. 14-Oct.15.
(Case MS 10006)

Riley Elevated Railway Company (Chicago, Ill.)
1882 Dec 26-1884 March 17.
(Case MS 5107)

Saeltzer, Charles [Diary, Letters, Misc. Documents]
(Case MS 5066)

Schlund, Max Civil War diary [manuscript], 1862-1865.
(Case MS 10011)

Stowe, Harriet Beecher, 1811-1896.
Letter[manuscript], [1856 or 1862] Monday March 10.
(Ruggles 322 no.2)

Subscriptions for Chapin’s Ornamental Map and Gazeteer of the United States, Containing Portraits of all the Presidents. 1839
(Case MS 5050)

Surveyor’s notebook [manuscript], 1794 June 7-Nov. 11.
(Case MS 5157)

[Thirteen English Songs]
[manuscript] [ca. 1825?] (folio Case MS 5129]

Tisdale, Phylena S.
Letter[manuscript] : Lyon, Okland County, Michigan, to her parents, Orwell, Rutland County, Vermont, 1847 Oct. 31.
(Oversize Case MS 5095)

Tomes, Robert, 1817-1882.
My Later days[manuscript] : 1840-1849, [1881?]
(*folio Case MS 5161)

Transcripts of letters concerning Mary Queen of Scots and Scottish affairs between 1560 and 1570 [manuscript], [17–]
(Case MS 5093)

Tyler, John, 1790-1862.
Letter [manuscript] : Washington, D.C., to his daughter, Miss Mary Tyler, Williamsburg, Va , 1832 April 20. (folio Case MS 5156)

United States. President (1861-1865 : Lincoln)
The President of the United States of America [manuscript] : to all who shall see these presents greeting : appointment, 1862 Feb. 21.
(Case MS 5102)

Virginia. Governor (1799-1802:Monroe)
Letter[manuscript] : Richmond [Va], to the Gentlemen Justices of Botetourt[County, Va.], 1800 June 23
(folio Case MS 5080)

We the undersigned agree to pay W.C. Molthrop or bearer the sum of one dollar and fifty cts.
1850 (oversize Wing MS 132)

Williamson, Charles, 1757-1808.
Papers [manuscript], 1775-1809]
(Microfilm 1164)

Wilson, James, Sir, 1780-1847.
[Journals] [manuscript]1799-1805.
(Case MS 5083)