Changing of the Guard in Reader Services | Newberry

Changing of the Guard in Reader Services

June 2014

John Brady, the Newberry's director of Reader Services and curator of Americana, will leave the library this month. John has led a team of librarians and librarian assistants while planning, providing for, and coordinating services for readers, scholars participating in Newberry programs, staff, and remote users; as a curator, he collected current monographs, antiquarian books, and manuscript Americana to augment a strong repository in the field. A ubiquitous presence around the Newberry, John could often be found guiding groups of visitors through the library's corridors, indicating the resources to which they lead and sharing an institutional knowledge that had long ago become intuition. John ends an illustrious 16-year career at the Newberry, which he began in 1998 as a reference librarian.

Will Hansen assumes John's dual role at the Newberry. This marks Will's second stint as a member of the Newberry staff: he previously served as Reference Services senior library assistant. Between these two nonconsecutive terms, Will spent seven years at Duke University, where he excelled as assistant curator of collections.