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CB&Q Duplicates Available in the Newberry Bookstore

September 2014

The Department of Maps & Modern Manuscript’s recent cataloging of previously unprocessed materials in the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad archives yielded duplicate items that have been deaccessioned from the Newberry’s collection. The duplicates have found a new home (for the moment, anyway) in the Newberry Bookstore, where Manager Jennifer Fastwolf has arrayed them on a wide-mouthed stand along the checkout counter, in individual plastic sleeves. The new items for sale (prices range from $5 to $100) consist mainly of old brochures promoting tourism along Burlington lines, a type of publication particularly well-represented in the Newberry’s CB&Q archives. Recent additions to the bookstore’s offerings include promotional booklets for dude ranches in the West from the 1950s and ‘60s.

While railroad enthusiasts may value the brochures for the insight they offer into the mechanics of the industry (in the form of timetables, for example), others may appreciate their visual qualities: some evince striking affinities with particular styles of art, such as the Art Nouveau in vogue in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These CB&Q collectibles represent a larger effort on the part of the Newberry Bookstore to make deaccessioned Newberry duplicates available to its customers.