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CAGGNI Visit to the Newberry a Success

CAGGNI Group Visit

CAGGNI Group Visit

Recently, the Computer Assisted Genealogy Group of Northern Illinois (CAGGNI) traveled to the Newberry for a day of research. The day began with an orientation and tour from Matt Rutherford, Curator of Genealogy and Local History, and continued with consultations with genealogy reference librarians. After a brown bag lunch in a Newberry conference room, group members were hard at work through the afternoon until closing time.

CAGGNI has posted the following video about their day at the Newberry:

Group members shared some feedback about their visit:

“I was thrilled to see that they had the NEHGS online. I spent a great deal of time looking through it for matches in my tree. I’d considered getting a home subscription, but this saved me that cost. I found a book with the listings of a great old cemetery with lots of family members. Those dates and how the graves were grouped cleaned up a corner on my tree. But I really enjoyed what Newberry is famous for. They have books, directories and indexes, not found online or elsewhere. I always find bits and pieces about my family or history of the area where my family lived that cannot be found anywhere else. It’s such a lovely place to study.”

“The Newberry Library trip was a great experience for us. We were totally unaware of a great genealogy resource in our own backyard. We also learned preparation is very important and that you cannot overly prepare for a trip there. The CAGGNI Road Trip Committee did a great job. We will be going back again.”

“The librarians were on hand to help with ideas of other places to search. They were able to find the 100 volume set of the Supplement To the Official Records Of The Union and Confederate Armies, by Broadfoot, in the stacks. The index was very helpful in deciding which volumes to request.”

“It was during Matt Rutherford’s orientation that I had an ‘aha’ moment: the ‘aha’ was what a fabulous resource this library is and the parts that make up the whole are each valuable in contributing to what Newberry has to offer researchers.”

The Newberry welcomes group visits for genealogists. Further details about genealogy groups visits are available at

If you have a group that is interested in visiting the library, contact Matt Rutherford at, (312) 255-3671.