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The Newberry has a variety of blogs, which reflect the diversity of our collections and our staff.

Book Fair Blog
Check in frequently to read the behind-the-scenes scoop on the Newberry's popular Book Fair. The blog is maintained by "Uncle Blogsy," otherwise known as Dan Crawford, Book Fair Manager.
Genealogy Blog
Upcoming genealogy events, new resources, research tips, and other information from Newberry Reference and Genealogy Services.
Shelf Life
"Shelf Life" is a podcast from the Newberry Library about the humanities--and the humans behind them. Each episode features a new conversation with librarians, curators, and researchers about anything from the history of fake news to the secret lives of famous American authors. Subscribe to "Shelf Life" on Soundcloud, iTunes, or Google Play Music.
Source Material
The official Newberry blog exploring the library's collection and the kernels of mind-blowing knowledge that our users and staff pull from it.
Stories from the Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies
Stories from the Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies tells the stories that come out of the research and scholarly activities of Center for Renaissance Studies consortium members at the Newberry. In their own words, consortium faculty and students share the valuable insights they have developed, the experience they have gained, and the new questions and opportunities they have found.