“No One Ever Sees Indian – Native Americans in Media” | Newberry

“No One Ever Sees Indian – Native Americans in Media”

Thursday, December 6, 2018

5:30 to 7:30 pm

Baskes Hall

Ernest M. Whiteman III
Center for American Indian Studies Programs
McNickle Seminar Series

“No One Ever Sees Indians” based on Ernest’s lecture materials. Information is presented on Native American Cinema in the shape of a three part magic act, presenting historical information, social justice issues, self-representation and first-voice issues. Ernest also presents his art and some film clips to make his points and regales audiences with stories that are part fact, part fiction, and all myth.

Ernest M. Whiteman III is a Northern Arapaho filmmaker in production on a full-text, contemporary, feature film adaptation of HAMLET featuring a full cast of Native Americans. Ernest has self-published a short stories collection The Autobiography of Blue Woman.” Ernest is the Director of First Nations Film and Video Festival, Inc. He currently works with Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education within CPS as a Teaching Artist assisting CPS teaching student video production and photography. Ernest teaches “No One Ever Sees Indians: Native Americans in Media” at the University of Wisconsin Parkside.
He is from the Wind River Reservation and currently lives in Skokie, IL.

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