Keith Eggener, University of Oregon and Kate C. Lemay, Auburn University at Montgomery | Newberry

Keith Eggener, University of Oregon and Kate C. Lemay, Auburn University at Montgomery

Friday, December 5, 2014

2-5 pm


Center for American History and Culture Programs
American Art and Visual Culture Seminar

“Louis Curtiss and his Patrons: Architecture Culture in Kansas City, ca. 1900”
Keith Eggener, University of Oregon

In the decades before WWI, Louis Curtiss designed stylistically and technologically advanced buildings for some of Kansas City’s most dynamic business leaders–newspaper publisher William Rockhill Nelson, streetcar magnate Bernard Corrigan, restaurateur Fred Harvey among them. This paper examines KC’s transformation from frontier town to modern metropolis through the activities of Curtiss and his patrons. The focus is on what Curtiss’s designs convey about a burgeoning American city and the aspirations of its most powerful players.

“Art and American Memory: Former GIs visit the Normany American Cemetery during the Seventieth Anniversary of D-Day”
Kate C. Lemay, Auburn University at Montgomery

My project studies how American veterans of World War II visit the Normandy American Cemetery overlooking Omaha Beach (Normandy, France), considering the ways in which the art and architecture establish a pilgrimage in terms of a site of memory, and a site of healing. In order to establish the unique American approach to war memory through such art and architecture, I compare and contrast the Normandy American Cemetery with a selection of nearby, corresponding German, French and Commonwealth cemeteries.

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