Exploring Early Modern Maps | Newberry

Exploring Early Modern Maps

Roselli portolan chart

Peter Roselli, Manuscript portolan chart of the Mediterranean and Black Seas, VAULT oversize Ayer MS map 3

Ulm Ptolemy World Map

Ptolemy, Cosmographia, VAULT Ayer 6 .P9 1482a 

Research Methods Workshop for Graduate Students and Junior Faculty
Friday, November 16, 2018

9:30-5 pm

Led by Jim Akerman, Newberry Library
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Renaissance Graduate Programs

Cartographic studies permeate all disciplines of early modern studies and inspire new perspectives on the renaissance world. Examining maps, atlases, and other cartographic material from the Newberry’s collections, participants will learn about the production, dissemination, and use of maps in the early modern period. In so doing, the workshop provides an orientation to different methodologies for understanding how mapping the early modern world reflected the political, intellectual, and cultural needs and interests of the day.

This workshop is open to graduate students of any level and junior-level faculty with research interests in any field of early modern studies.


9:30-10 am Introductions

10-11:30 am Discussion

11:30-12 pm Library Tour

12-1 pm Catered Lunch

1-4 pm Workshop with Rare Materials

4-4:15 pm Break

4:15-5 pm Final Discussion

Cost and Registration Information 

The application process for this workshop has now closed.