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Workshop: Matteo Maria Boirdo's Orlando Innamorato

Charles Ross, Purdue University

Charles Ross, Purdue University

Friday, November 13, 1992
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Medieval Studies Program
Early Modern Studies Program

Speakers: Albert Ascoli, Northwestern University (now at University of California, Berkeley); JoAnn Cavallo, Columbia University; Lawrence Rhu, University of South Carolina; and Michael Sherberg, Washington University in Saint Louis

Organized by Charles Ross, Purdue University

This workshop included brief overviews of opportunities for research on Matteo Maria Boirdo’s great fifteenth-century Italian romance, discussion of plans for a five-hundredth anniversary in 1994 of Boiardo’s demise, and a reading by Charles Ross from his translation of the Innamorato. It was a prologue to the April 1994 Columbia University Symposium on Boiardo.

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