Kent Emery, Jr., and Theresa O'Byrne | Newberry

Kent Emery, Jr., and Theresa O'Byrne

Kent Emery, Jr., University of Notre Dame

Kent Emery, Jr., University of Notre Dame

Saturday, November 3, 2012

1 - 4 pm

Room 101

Kent Emery, Jr., and Theresa O’Byrne, both of the University of Notre Dame
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Medieval Intellectual History Seminar

“Publishing at the University of Paris, ca. 1300: The Reportationes of John Duns Scotus’ Parisian Lectures on the ‘Sentences’ ”

Kent Emery, Jr., University of Notre Dame

Professor Emery will discuss research at the ground level, reconstructing the materials we believe we have from some of the most influential teachers of the middle ages: issues of oral teaching and “reportatio” and “publication” and the tangled manuscript record one must work back through to get at the historical and textual realities.

“In the Land of Saint Patrick: Visions, Politics, and the Changing Image of Ireland in James Yonge’s Memoriale”

Theresa O’Byrne, University of Notre Dame

A recent graduate in Medieval Studies, Dr. O’Byrne studies Hiberno literature in all its many languages (Latin, English, Gaelic, French). As a graduate student she added not one but two named authors to the corpus of that literature. In this paper she unpacks the role of the civil service in Dublin, providing a base for a literate public and a new document she has found and edited on an experience of what was known as “Patrick’s Purgatory.”

Organized by John Van Engen, University of Notre Dame.

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