NTC: Why are Some Countries Rich and Some Countries Poor? | Newberry

NTC: Why are Some Countries Rich and Some Countries Poor?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Room 101

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There are enormous differences in living standards between rich and poor countries in the world today. Per capita income in the richest 20 countries, comprising about one-quarter of the world’s population, is about five times the global average and over twenty times the level in the world’s poorest countries. This seminar will explore the reasons for these enormous income differences, examining both proximate economic causes such as differences in savings rates, educational levels and natural resource endowments, and deeper fundamental causes, such as differences in governance, culture and institutions. Seminar participants will review some of the recent research on the sources of economic growth, taking care to distinguish between causes and consequences of economic development. Finally, participants will look to the future and examine whether poor countries can catch up to the developed countries, and if so, under what conditions and how quickly.

Seminar led by Paul Pieper, University of Illinois at Chicago

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