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Conference on Montaigne in Print

Friday, October 27, 1995Saturday, October 28, 1995
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Early Modern Studies Program

This conference explored the complex reception of Montaigne in European and non-European cultures from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries. It combined a focus on the conceptual aspects of his reception—how he has been interpreted and understood—with the material history of his reception—the ways in which his works have been printed, translated, edited, and excepted—since 1595.

Sponsored by the University of Chicago, the University of Minnesota, Northwestern University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and organized by Philippe Desan, University of Chicago; Ullrich Langer, University of Wisconsin-Madison; and Tilde Sankovitch, Northwestern University.

Friday, October 27

Session 1: Editing Montaigne Today

Oeuvres complètes ou plus que complètes?
Michel Simonin, Université de Tours

Que faire des couches de Essais?
Philippe Desan, University of Chicago

Tradutore, Tradittore: Editing Montaigne’s Théologie Naturelle Today
François Rigolot, Princeton University

Session 2: Marie de Gournay’s Edition and the Presence of Montaigne

The Woman in the Text: Did Marie de Gournay Gender the 1595 Edition of the Essais?
Mary McKinley, University of Virginia

The Essay Event
Tom Conley, Harvard University

“Bienheureux es-tu, Lecteur …”: Marie de Gournay’s “Preface de 1595” and the “Grief des Dames,” 1626
Cathleen Bauschatz, University of Maine

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Saturday, October 28

Session 3: Montaigne in Translation

La reception de Montaigne au Japon
Hironobu Saito, Nihon Joshi Daigaku, Japan

Montaigne avant la censure espagnole
Juan Duran Luzio, Nacional Universidad, Costa Rica

The Italian Reception of Montaigne after 1633
Stefania Buccini, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Antecedents and the Rewriters of Florio’s Translation of Montaigne
Marcel Tetel, Duke University

Montaigne’s “couleuvre”: Notes on the Reception of the Essais in Germany
Ullrich Langer, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Session 4: Montaigne’s Editions in Sixteenth-, Seventeenth-, and Eighteenth-Century France

“Un travail vétilleux … fort nécessaire”: The Coste Edition of 1724
Tilde Sankovitch, Northwestern University

Les ajout de l’édition de 1595: une approche stylistique
François Cornilliat, Rutgers University

Title to be announced
Richard Cooper, Brasenose College, University of Oxford

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