Fredrik Albritton Jonsson, University of Chicago | Newberry

Fredrik Albritton Jonsson, University of Chicago

Friday, October 9, 2015

3 to 5 pm

Room 101

Center for American History and Culture Programs
History of Capitalism Seminar

The History of Capitalism in the Anthropocene

Fredrik Albritton Jonsson, University of Chicago

The concept of the Anthropocene introduces the idea of the human species as a geological agent, capable of altering the life supporting system of the whole planet through anthropogenic climate change. Paradoxically, the bad news of the Anthropocene is also a moment of intellectual exhilaration for the social sciences and humanities. The Anthropocene forces us to rethink some of the most fundamental concepts in scholarship, such as modernity, growth, justice, and scale in light of new pressing problems of carbon emissions, mitigation, and adaptation. My paper will explore how we might integrate the history of capitalism into the framework of earth systems science.

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