Special Lecture: Piero Boitani | Newberry

Special Lecture: Piero Boitani

Piero Boitani, Sapienza Università di Roma

Piero Boitani, Sapienza Università di Roma

The Poetry of the Stars, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
Thursday, September 20, 2012

5:30 pm

Piero Boitani, Sapienza Università di Roma
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Medieval Studies Program
Early Modern Studies Program

From Homer to the Bible, looking at the heavenly vault is an enchanted moment in human life. It produces that wonder which Aristotle maintains is the beginning of the love of wisdom: philosophy, science, and philomythia—the love of myth: poetry. The Middle Ages and Renaissance inherit their visions of the stars from classical antiquity and biblical literature, but add their own intriguing perceptions. This lecture, which will be accompanied by images, will aim to give an idea of how people looked at the sky. Thus domes, mosaics, frescoes, and paintings will show the interplay of astronomy and astrology; and passages from Dante, Petrarch, Castiglione, Ariosto, Tasso, and Shakespeare will lead us from Ptolemy to Copernicus and Galileo.

A reception will follow the lecture.

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Sponsored by the Department of Theology, Loyola University Chicago,and the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago.

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