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Chicago, Europe, and the Great War

"Joan of Arc Saved France" poster. Case Wing oversize D522.25 .W67 1914 no. 1

“Joan of Arc Saved France” poster. Case Wing oversize D522.25 .W67 1914 no. 1

Wednesday, September 17, 2014Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hermon Dunlap Smith Gallery


The Newberry is marking the centennial of the start of World War I with two linked exhibitions and a series of related public programs.

Chicago, Europe, and the Great War draws on the Newberry’s collection to tell the story of Chicago’s many and varied connections to the conflict. Chicagoans reported and commented on the war, fought in it, supported it, and protested against it. Letters and photographs by servicemen; dispatches and drawings by reporters who covered the war for Chicago newspapers; writings from opponents of the war; photographs and letters documenting medical relief at the front; and posters and sheet music that encouraged food conservation, fundraising, and wartime patriotism—these are just some of the items attesting to both the sheer scale of the “Great War” and Chicago’s place within it.

Chicago’s Jane Addams and the settlement movement she led inspired Anne Morgan’s relief work in northern France and provided a model for what her volunteers accomplished there. Morgan’s efforts are chronicled in the companion exhibition, American Women Rebuilding France, 1917-1924. Chicago, Europe, and the Great War contextualizes Addams’s influence on Morgan’s work by showing how other Chicago club women, settlement workers, and Progressive reformers responded to the war crisis.

The Newberry is offering a series of guided public tours of this exhibition. If you are interested in attending one of these tours, or in scheduling a private group tour of your own, please see our Visit an Exhibition page for more information. Admission into Newberry exhibitions is free; please consult our Hours while planning your visit. For further reading, see this list of sources.

Chicago, Europe, and the Great War is organized by the Newberry with generous support from the Rosaline G. Cohn Endowment for Exhibitions, The Florence Gould Foundation, Roger and Julie Baskes, and Mark and Meg Hausberg.

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