2003 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference | Newberry

2003 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference

Friday, June 13, 2003Saturday, June 14, 2003
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Renaissance Graduate Programs

Friday, June 13

Session 1

Chair: Megan Geigner, Illinois State University

Going Ganymede: Ben Johnson’s Sejanus, Epicoene and Sexual Ambiguity
Tara Hayes, Wayne State University

Devotional Art and Architecture on Florence’s Pont alle Grazie
Melissa Moreton, University of Iowa

Truly Manly Milton: Samson Agonistes as Milton’s Defense of His Own Masculinity
Nancy K. Kerns, Purdue University

Session 2

Chair: Jenny Mann, Northwestern University

The Marriage of Pictura and Aedificatoria
Charles A. Stewart, Indiana University

Milton’s Of Education as Narrative Utopia: Imagining the Nation-State
Robert Drury King, Purdue University

Negotiation and the Mother in Shakespeare’s King Lear
Cherrie Ann Gottsleben, University of Illinois at Chicago

Session 3

Chair: Catherine Theobald, University of Colorado Boulder

Weorthfulnes: The Concept of Face in Anglo-Saxon England and Germanic Heroic Literary Tradition
Carol A. Lind, Illinois State University

The Devil in Disguise: Satire and Spectacle in Botticelli’s Temptation of Christ
Elizabeth Clark, Indiana University

Witchcraft and Wordcraft in John Milton’s Comus
Melissa E. Oliveira, University of Colorado Boulder

Saturday, June 14

Session 4

Chair: Daniel Gullo, University of Chicago

The Medici and New Spain: Collection, Acculturation, and Ambition
Lia Markey, University of Chicago

Una discusion de la Mimesis en Este que ves engaño colorido, Sonnet 145 de Sor Juanna Inés de la Cruz
Nancy E. Alvarez, University of Notre Dame

The Language of Feathers: The Creation and Assertion of Identity in Colonial New Spain
Sara A. Morasch, Bryn Mawr College

Session 5

Fathers, Brothers, and Spouses: Monastic Relationships in the of Paschasius Radbertus
Alan Zola, Loyola University ChicagoAbbatical Vitae

Social Roles and Civic Obligation: Secular Definitions of the Fall in Impatient Piety
Rana Nicol Hutchinson, DePaul University

Union with God, Union with Anne: Idolatry and Dionysian Context of A Nocturnall upon S. Lucies Day
Jennifer Nichols, University of Notre Dame

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