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2004 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference

Friday, June 11, 2004Saturday, June 12, 2004
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Renaissance Graduate Programs

Friday, June 11

Session 1: Voices from the Courtroom: Interpreting the Early Modern Witchcraft Trial

Chair: Frances Mitilineos, Loyola University Chicago

“I truly believe that she was bewitched”: Determining the Nature of the Supernatural in the Witchcraft Trials of Early Modern Venice
Jonathan Seitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Gender and the Law in English Witchcraft Trials
Joann M. Ross, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Session 2: Rhetoric, Patronage, and Portraiture: Re-interpreting the Ideal

Chair: Cherrie Gottsleben, University of Illinois at Chicago

Untitled Beauty: The Idea behind Titian’s “La Bella,” 1536
Michelle Rosshandler, McGill University

Repositories of Rhetoric: Re-interpreting the Byzantine “Vita” Icons
Paroma Chatterjee, University of Chicago

Anne de Montmorency as Seigneur and Mécene: the Rhetoric of Patronage at Écouen
Nicole S. Bensoussan, Yale University

Sixteenth-Century Venetian Courtesan Paintings as an Artistic Paradiastole
Alexandra Jackson, University of Aberdeen

Session 3: Old Stories in New Worlds: Narratives of Empire and Resistance

Chair: Marshall Billings, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Colonial Appropriations: New World History and Renaissance Humanism
Amber E Brian, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Performing Power in the Contact Zone: Gaspar Perez de Villagra’s Historia de Nueva Mexico
Maria O’Malley, University of Colorado Boulder

Desire, Conquest and Christianity in ‘The Island Princess”
Silver Damsen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Saturday, June 12

Session 4: Ideas in Print: Advice, Mysticism, and Politics in Early Modern Books

Chair: Paul Patterson, University of Notre Dame

German Mysticism in Seventeenth-Century Holland: Translation, Dissemination, and Reception by Van Beyerland
Maaike van der Heijden, Illinois State University

“the fittest closet for all goodnesse”: Out of the Dark and Into the Light: An Investigation of Mother’s Advice Literature in the Early Modern Period
Nicholas N. Behm, Marquette University

Political Courtesies: Caxton’s Conduct Books during the Reign of Richard III
Kathleen Tonry, University of Notre Dame

Session 5: Homeland Insecurity: Inter-national Exchanges in Early Modern Drama

Chair: Jeremy Kiene, University of Notre Dame

The Influence of Italy’s Literary Tradition on Shakespeare’s Work
Heidi Spear, Washington University in St. Louis

From Page to Stage: Literary Tropes and Reader Response Theory in Calderón de la Marca’s ‘La cisma de Inglaterra’ (The Schism of England)
Kerry Wilks, University of Chicago

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