2007 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference | Newberry

2007 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference

Friday, June 8, 2007
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Renaissance Graduate Programs

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Panel 1: Unstable Self

Chair: Vickie Larsen, University of Iowa

Widow of Fortune: Vittoria della Tolfa, Sixteenth-Century Patron of Architecture
Christina Weber, McGill University

“Be waar, Hoccleue, I rede thee”: Intertextual Subjectivity in Thomas Hoccleve’s Petitioning Poetry
Elon Lang, Washington University in St. Louis

Liminality and the Boy in Early Modern Inductions
Ann Pleiss Morris, University of Iowa

Panel 2: Spectacles in Translation

Co-chairs: Joshua Reid, University of Kentucky and Carrie Ruiz, University of Colorado at Boulder

Giovanni Battista Cavalieri’s Ecclesiae militantis triumphi: Appropriating the Image of the Martyr
Karine Tsoumis, University of Toronto

“That Fiction of the Ganza’s”: The Engraver’s Burin and Authority in Early Modern Scientific Illustrations
Meghan Doherty, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sacro Monte of Varese: Realism and Performance in Holy Pilgrimage
Krystel Chéhab, McGill University

Panel 3: Broken Bodies, Broken Minds

Chair: Jason Cohen, University of Wisconsin

Nathaniel Small, Northwestern University , “Laughing Fits: Documents in Madness

“And especially that they did not have the head for the body”: Bodily Transformation and Corporate Identity in the Old English Passion of Saint Christopher and Passion of Saint Edmund
Andrew B. Grubb, University of Louisville

“Then be your eyes the witness of their evil”: The Rogue Disability of Richard III
Lindsey Row, University of Iowa

Panel 4: Confronting Empire

Chair: Megan Moore, The Newberry Library

Juan Bautista de Pomar and the Appropriation of Christian Discourse in Relación de Tezcoco
José Espericueta, University of Indiana

French Names and English Games in the Auchinleck Manuscript’s Battle Abbey Roll
John Pendell, University of Iowa

Romantic Visions and Practical Ambitions: An Examination of the Political Motivations of Ciriaco d’Ancona
Richard Hungate, University of Illinois-Chicago

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