2001 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference | Newberry

2001 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference

Thursday, June 7, 2001Friday, June 8, 2001
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Renaissance Graduate Programs

Thursday, June 7

Session 1: Intersections of Sacred and Profane

Chair: Stephanie Witham, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The Jewish Woman: Power and Relationship in Medieval England
Frances Howard Mitilineos, Loyola University Chicago

Deciphering the Wilton Diptych
Kristin M. Janus, Wayne State University

Dreams of Eden: Amelia Lanyer, Rachel Speght, and the Redemption of Eve as Knower
Dorothea Woll Rice, University of Chicago

Friday, June 8

Session 2: Gender Norms on Renaissance Stages

Female Double Exposure in the Spanish Comedia de capa y espada
Jelena LaPorte, University of Illinois at Chicago

Milton’s Transgendered Circe: The Attack on Neoplatonic Dualism in Comus
Jason A. Yost, University of Chicago

Two Boys without a Penis between Them: The Impossibility of Lesbian Relationships in John Lyly’s Gallathea
Jennifer A. Smith, Miami University

Session 3: Affect: Warfare, Spirituality, Politics

Chair: Bryan Hampton, Northwestern University

Viriliter et sine Timore: Fear and Courage among the First Crusaders, 1095-1099
Jilana Ordman, Loyola University Chicago

Affect and Exegesis in Passus XI of Piers Plowman
Gerald Nachtwey, Loyola University Chicago

A Study in Medieval Urban History: Fear and Hysteria in Fifteenth-Century Paris
Michael A. Sizer, University of Minnesota

Session 4: Contesting Authority through Generic Innovation

Chair: CoryAnne Harrigan, Purdue University

News at Court: Restructuring the Jonsonian Masque
Aaron W. Kitch, University of Chicago

The Emergence of the Self in Pamphilia to Amphilanthus
Ann C. Stockho, University of Missouri

History as Bookmaking/Bookmaking as History: Ghosts Speaking in the Name of the Law in A Mirror for Magistrates
Elizabeth Sturgeon, Northwestern University

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