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Restoration Theatre: Re-Activating the R/18 Repertoire

Nicholas Rowe, ed. The Works of Mr. William Shakespear; : in Six Volumes. Adorn’d with cuts. London: 1709 (YS 07)

Friday, April 23, 2021

10 am-2:15 pm CDT


Led by Lisa A. Freeman (University of Illinois at Chicago), Misty G. Anderson (University of Tennessee), and Daniel O’Quinn (University of Guelph)
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs

This workshop will guide participants through the process of developing theatrical productions out of their research interests. Part of a multi-year international project devoted to exploring the educational and commercial viability of the theatrical repertoire from the long eighteenth century, this workshop will focus in particular on Restoration and eighteenth-century performance research. By discussing readings, screening excerpts from various contemporary productions of such works, and brainstorming pitches for future productions, participants will develop effective approaches for bringing premodern theater to contemporary audiences.

This workshop is supported by a UIC Award for Creative Activity.

Learn more about the instructors: Lisa A. Freeman, Misty G. Anderson, and Daniel O’Quinn.

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