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Conference on Humanism and Schooling in Renaissance Europe

Anthony Grafton, Princeton University

Anthony Grafton, Princeton University

Friday, April 23, 1982Saturday, April 24, 1982
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Early Modern Studies Program

Organized by Ian Thomson, Indiana University (now emeritus)

Friday, April 23


Lawrence W. Towner, President and Librarian

Session 1

How the Humanists Learned Greek: A Study in Classroom Practice
Anthony Grafton, Princeton University

R. Keith Percival, University of Kansas (now emeritus)
Anne J. Schutte, Lawrence University (now at University of Virginia)

Session 2

Humanist Education in Fifteenth-Century Castile
Helen Nader, Indiana University (now professor emerita, University of Arizona)

Ciriaco Morón Arroyo, Cornell University

Saturday April 24

Session 3

Educational Texts in Sixteenth-Century France
Susan Noakes, University of Kansas (now at University of Minnesota)

George Huppert, University of Illinois at Chicago (now emeritus)

Session 4

Humanist Curriculum and School Texts: The Case of Johan Sturm’s Strasbourg Gymnasium
Miriam Chrisman, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Gerald Strauss, Indiana University

Session 5

The Schools of Northern England, 1450-1550: Humanist Ideals and Educational Realities
Jo Ann Hoeppner Moran, Georgetown University

Ian Thomson, Indiana University (now emeritus)

Concluding remarks

Paul Grendler, University of Toronto

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