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Newberry Renaissance Conference: Giordano Bruno in England

Saturday, April 15, 1978
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Early Modern Studies Program

The Renaissance Conference was held at the Newberry Library for many years prior to the founding of the Center for Renaissance Studies in 1979.

Organized by Raymond Waddington, University of Wisconsin-Madison (now at University of California, Davis)

Session 1: Bruno in England

Expelling the Beast: Bruno’s Adventures in England
Andrew Weiner, University of Wisconsin-Madison (now emeritus)

The Magus and the Poet: Bruno and Chapman’s The Shadow of Night
Barbara Lakin, Colorado State University

Michael Murrin, University of Chicago

John Dee and Giordano Bruno: A Comparison
Frances Yates, The Warburg Institute

Nicholas Clulee, Frostburg State College

Session 2: Bruno, the Context of Ideas and Influence

Quarton Feber, Solar Medicine, and Physical Experiments: The Reading the The Ash Wednesday Supper
Edward Gosselin, California State University, Long Beach (now emeritus)

Newton and Bruno: a Curious Parallel in Their Discussions of the Attributes of God
B. J. T. Dobbs, Northwestern University

C. A. Staudenbaur, Michigan State University

Merchants of Light: Eastern Inventions and Western Response
E. H. Gombrich, The Warburg Institute

David Pingree, Brown University

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