Conference on the Book in the Age of Theater | Newberry

Conference on the Book in the Age of Theater

Thursday, March 8, 2001Saturday, March 10, 2001
Center for Renaissance Studies Programs
Early Modern Studies Program

Sponsored by the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures and the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Chicago; the Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies; the Humanities Visiting Committee Fund of the Franke Institute for the Humanities; the Gertrude and Meyer Kestenbaum Cultural Activities Fund of the Humanities Division; the Chicago Group on Modern France; The David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art; and Montaigne Studies.

Thursday, March 8, at the Smart Museum

Special Opening Address

Seventeenth-Century French Theater and the Illustrated Book
Michael Hawcroft, University of Oxford

Friday, March 9, at the Newberry Library

Session 1. Performance and Text: Classical Theory and Poetics

Chair, Larry Norman, University of Chicago

Françoise Jaouën, Yale University

Christian Biet, Université de Paris X–Nanterre

Respondent: Joshua Phillips, University of Chicago (now at University of Memphis)

Session 2. Renaissance France

Chair, Philippe Desan, University of Chicago

Jean Balsamo, Université de Reims
Emmanuel Buron, Université de Rennes

Alessandra Preda, Università di Milano

Saturday, March 10

At the University of Chicago, Franke Institute for the Humanities

Session 3. Elizabethan and Jacobean: Playbooks, Performances, and Authorship

Chair, Richard Strier, University of Chicago

David Bevington, University of Chicago
Steve Urkowitz, City College of New York
Lukas Erne, Université de Genève
Leah Marcus, Vanderbilt University

Lunch and guided tour of the Theatrical Baroque exhibit at the Smart Museum of Art

Session 4. Baroque and Classical France

Chair, Thomas Pavel, University of Chicago

Georges Forestier, Université de Paris IV–Sorbonne
Laurence Giavarini, Université de Bourgogne
Giovanni Dotoli, Università di Bari

Session 5. Roundtable discussion and conclusion

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