2008 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference | Newberry

2008 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference

Gerhard Mercator and Antoine Lafréry. Double-cordiform world map. c.1550.

Gerhard Mercator and Antoine Lafréry. Double-cordiform world map. c.1550. Novacco 4F 7.

Friday, January 25, 2008
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Mapping the Premodern

How is the premodern constructed, what defines it, and where and when is it located? What kinds of identities thrive and subsist during the premodern, and how do we map these out through maps, bodies, spaces, ideas? The Newberry’s 2008 annual graduate student conference addressed broad interpretations of mapping the premodern through literature, geography, art, history, gender, disability, and cultural studies, hoping to push the boundaries of the ways we think about the premodern.

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Panel 1: Mapping Places

Chair: Vida Muse, Marquette University

Defining the North: Rimbert and the Vita Anskarii
Nikolas Hoel, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Circle and the Horseshoe: Spatial Forms in the Historias of Bartolomé de Las Casas and Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo
Katherine Thompson, University of Chicago

Panel 2: Mapping Things

Chair: Rob Kilpatrick, University of Indiana

The Dissector Behind the Anatomist: Medical Practices in Renaissance Spain under the Light of Italian Humanism
Silvia Arroyo, University of Colorado Boulder

A Legal Standing for What? Mapping a Brook in Premodern Law and Hamlet
Caryn O’Connell, University of Chicago

The Market of Bawdry: Assembled Characters and Dramatic Space in Ben Jonson’s The Devil is an Ass
Justin Barnes Kolb, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Panel 3: Mapping Sexuality

Chair: Philip Grace, University of Minnesota

Mapping the Female Reproductive Body: The Politics of Pre-Modern Virginity in The Changeling and Early Stuart Historiography
Sara Luttfring, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Raising Sodom: Preliminary Notes on a Remapping of Medieval Sexuality
Wiilliam Smith, Indiana University

Geosomatic Women in Premodern Comedy
Maura Giles-Watson, University of Nebraska

Panel 4: Mapping Spirituality

Chair: Laura Kramer, University of Illinois-Chicago

Mapping a Recognizable Anabaptist Past: A Preliminary Examination of Landscapes as Maps in Jan Luyken’s 104 Copper Engravings Commissioned for the 1685 Edition of Thieleman van Braght’s Mennonite Martyrology, Martyrs Mirror
Christopher Tiessen, University of Guelph

Prayerful Perspective: Andrea Pozzo’s Marriage at Cana and the Quarant’Ore
Stephanie Blue, University of Illinois and the National Gallery of Art

Caliphate to Christendom: Trans-Mediterranean Relic Translation in the Eight and Early Ninth Century
Daniel DeSelm, University of Michigan

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