Rules of Conduct | Newberry

Rules of Conduct

A reader studies CB&Q materials in Special Collections.

A reader studies materials from the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad collection in the Special Collections reading room.

Rules of Conduct

The Newberry is an independent research library and educational institution dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge. The Newberry seeks to provide for and promote the effective use of its collections and programs by a diverse community. In order to maintain an environment that is conducive to research, education, and learning, all persons visiting the Newberry must be engaged in library-related activities and must abide by the following rules at any location in the building.

Staff, users, volunteers, and guests shall refrain from:

  • Eating and drinking outside of specifically designated areas
  • Damaging Newberry property (including library collections, furniture, and the building)
  • Making excessive or disruptive noise to the distraction of others
  • Using mobile phones in reading areas and during Newberry programs
  • Smoking and using tobacco products
  • Using obscene or threatening language
  • Engaging in disorderly, disruptive, or harassing actions
  • Neglecting personal hygiene or possessions to the distraction of others
  • Bringing animals into the Newberry, other than dogs trained to assist persons with disabilities
  • Engaging in any illegal activity
  • Entering a controlled or restricted area without prior permission.

Please be aware that the reading rooms have their own set of Reading Room Policies that are designed to maintain a research-friendly environment. While library users are in the reading rooms, the general rules of conduct and the rules specific to that space are in force.

Persons who disobey these rules or any other rules and regulations of the Newberry will be asked to stop such activity and may be required to leave the premises. The Newberry reserves the right to remove from its premises anyone whose conduct, in the judgment of the Newberry, is detrimental to its collections, activities, staff, users, volunteers, or guests.

Entry and Exit Procedures

Entry Procedure

When entering the Newberry beyond the first floor, store the following items in the cloakroom lockers on the first floor: outer garments, umbrellas, newspapers, food/beverages, scanners, briefcases, book bags, backpacks, large handbags, laptop bags, scotch tape, glue, and scissors. It costs a quarter to use a locker, but the quarter is refunded when you leave. Show your reader’s card and sign in at the first floor security kiosk. (You may register for a reader’s card ahead of time at or during your first visit.) Include your name, destination within the library, and time of arrival.

Exit Procedure

All items must be presented for inspection when leaving past the security kiosk. Please record your time of departure.