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Recent Acquisitions

Our active collecting activities each year bring to the Newberry far more books, manuscripts, and maps than can be highlighted or even listed here. From among the arrivals of recent years, we present a selection that exemplifies our collecting today.

Der Hirt

Der Hirt

Ulrich Zwingli

Wing ZP 539 .F9286

Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531), briefly a Dominican friar, trained as a university theologian and a Roman Catholic priest, became in the second and third decades of the sixteenth century the principal leader of the Reformation in German-speaking Switzerland. Like Luther, he availed himself of the printing press and the vernacular to reach a broad lay audience. Der Hirt or The Shepherd exemplifies the new popular spirituality of the Reformation, which was dependent on the technology of printing. Christopher Froschauer (d.

Camino Real

Tennessee Williams

Hope Abelson Papers Box 1 Folder 5

This manuscript forms part of the Hope Abelson Papers, which contain scripts, theater mementos, correspondence, financial documents, photographs, audio recordings, and video recordings related to Abelson’s Chicago and New York theater career, her many philanthropic activities relating in particular to Chicago theater, and her personal life.

Evangelistarum symphonia de Lazaro, Martha et Maria

Evangelistarum symphonia de Lazaro, Martha et Maria

Symphorien Champier

VAULT Case BS2485 .C34 1519

An important and little-studied document in the debate among humanists regarding the identity of Mary Magdalene. Jacques Lefèvre d'Etaples initiated this discussion and for which the was excommunicated. He remained, however, a Catholic. Extremely rare, only about six copies known, none in North America.

Artist's book by Jorge Luis Borges

Jorge Luis Borges

Wing folio ZP 994 .T23

An important Argentinian artist's book, containing 6 etchings by Leopoldo Presas. Only 3 copies recorded in American libraries. The Newberry emphasizes the acquisition of examples of twentieth century fine printing and book illustration from Latin America.

The Experiment and Office Holder's Journal (16 issues)

The Experiment and Office Holder's Journal

Vault folio Ruggles 459

A very rare anti-Jackson journal produced by "Tar Feathers & Company." The Library has also acquired three issues of The friend of reform and corruption's adversary (Cincinnati, 1828), a rare pro Andrew Jackson campaign periodical.

United States at one view

Case oversize E166 .U557 1847

Produced by map maker Humphrey Phelps, this broadside displays an array of images presented with a compendium of diverse facts, including lists of principal railroads, canals, Indians, Presidents of the United States, etc., as well as brief descriptions of Oregon and Texas.

Le savant de huit ans

Le savant de huit ans

Case Wing miniature PC2115 .S48 1830

An anonymous artist's manual for children. Among its six color plates are three images depicting the art of engraving and printing with movable type.

Obit Book of the Parish Church of Saint-Martin and Saint-Migne in Nangis

Obit Book of the Parish Church of Saint-Martin and Saint-Migne in Nangis

Case MS 212 (Newberry/Western Michigan MS 6)

A necrology recording in its columns the death of laymen including prominent aristocrats and their bequests to a small parish church adjacent to the château of Nangis (which belonged to the family of Bouchard-Montmorency; the name of Bouchard de Montmorency is the sole entry written in red). The bequests endowed commemorative prayers; some names have been cancelled in pen, perhaps because the donation was insufficient. The book also includes a list of the lands owned by the parish making the book a kind of cartulary or reference book for the spiritual and temporal assets of the church.