Pullman: Labor, Race, and the Urban Landscape in a Company Town

The Night Train, Every Saturday, pg. 729. A5.315 vol. #9.

The Night Train, Every Saturday, pg. 729. A5.315 vol. #9.

Through photographs, illustrations, published texts, and manuscript sources, this website tells the story of Pullman in all of its complexity. You will be able to explore the urban conditions that led to Pullman’s creation; company founder George M. Pullman’s vision for the community; working people’s response to the company’s vision; and the ongoing efforts by Pullman’s current residents to preserve their community. In each of the sections, you will find a variety of primary sources that chart Pullman’s history.  This exhibit situates Pullman within a broad narrative, exploring how the neighborhood illuminates the centrality of labor, race, and urban development in the history of industrial America.

This website was created with funds from the National Endowment for the Humanities’ Landmarks in American History and Culture Grant.

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