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The Preview

Here are the answers to your questions about Preview Night. The questions seemed too obvious to print.

Yes, we do have a preview on Wednesday night (4 to 8 P.M.), at which people who are Associates of the Library at the Author Level or above can come and shop before the general public.

Yes, people do sit in the park from at least 5 A.M. on Wednesday to get their ticket when the tickets start coming out around 7:30.

Well, to get a ticket you must be an Associate at the level mentioned above (That’s a donation of $100 or more per year.)

If you’re not sure, it’s best to drop by or call ahead of time. Yes, you CAN join that day, but why wait?

The ticket guarantees your place in line at 4 P.M., which is when the preview starts. It means YOU don’t have to hang around the place all day and it means WE don’t have to fight our way around you.

No, we will not give you your ticket Tuesday night as you come home from work or just happen to be in the neighborhood.

Yes, you CAN get into the preview without a ticket.  The ticket simply allows you to stand in line and get in when the doors open.  if you’re coming later, to avoid the line, you should have your Associates’ Card, though.  (The event is for Associates, Staff, and Fellows of the Library only, after all.) 

At about 3 P.M., people start showing up and take their places in line according to the number on the ticket, generally without a whole lot of fuss and bother. Tempers will be higher if the temperature is higher.  Someone will generally check to make sure you DO have your ticket and didn’t just get in line.

No, tickets are for one person only: you can’t bring your spouse, kids, brother-in-law, dog, or rhubarb plant.

Yeah, it is actually easier to just walk in with your Associates’ card at 4:15, after the big push, meaning you don’t have to get in line. But you haven’t really DONE the Book Fair that way. (Oh, and if you get a chance, glance at the people waiting behind the security gate inside. Some of them are staff, waiting for 4:05, when they can enter, but others have actually come just to watch the customers come barreling in. Kind of like the running of the bulls, without the Hemingway air.)

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