"Speak the Speech" Mashup | Newberry

"Speak the Speech" Mashup

We asked seven students from Chicago High School for the Arts to help us record a Hamlet mashup, and this is what we came up with! Each student individually delivered Hamlet’s dialogue from the opening of Act III, Scene II (“Speak the speech…”), and, afterward, we chopped up all the recordings and stitched them together into one continuous sequence.

The dialogue ushers in the play-with-a-play that Hamlet believes will confirm Claudius’s role in the death of his father. Listening to Hamlet give instructions to his actors also gives us insight into the era's conventions for conveying emotion on the stage.

This September, the Newberry will open Creating Shakespeare, an exhibition exploring the Bard and the many ways in which he has been reimagined and re-created in the 400 years since his death. Thanks to these high school students, we now have one more addition to this long line of interpretative creativity.

The students who lent their talents to this project are, in order of appearance, Kateri Halbleib, Steven Cooper, Kieran O’Connor, Kiara Rivera, Destiny Mack, Justin Gunn, and India Gray.

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